Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions and The Fine Art of Sexual Positions

Posted On: April 6, 2010

View online two DVDs from Kenneth Ray Stubbs Ph.D. These videos are for erotic adventurers who wish to be inspired by visions of erotic art, music, and poetry without spoken instruction.

In the “Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions” romantic and erotic poetry, art, music, dancing, and beautiful nature photography offer visions of sexual passion as divine and sacred. An attractive young couple demonstrates a variety of sexual positions outdoors in a lovely field, without engaging in sexual intercourse. The erotic artwork shown from around the world is explicit and detailed.

“The Fine Art of Sexual Positions” presents hundreds of sexual and lovemaking positions through photography, video, and visionary art from five very different artists.

These videos include some nudity, and are explicit in some places.

You will see examples of art and dance from:
• Kama Sutra—4th century India
• Ishimpo—10th century Japan and China
• Ananga Ranga—13th century India
• The Perfumed Garden—16th century North Africa
• An East Indian Dance for the Beloved
• The African Full Moon Dance
• Contemporary Visionary Artists

Creator: Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Included: 114 minutes of video

You can watch online from the comfort of your home.

Check it out here.


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