Where is my Fleshlight?

Posted On: July 15, 2010

I read on fellow sexologist Dr. Debby Herbenick’s blog this:

“Interactive Life Forms, LLC – otherwise known at the manufacturers of Fleshlight, one of the best selling male masturbation sleeves – is claiming that other companies are infringing on their patent. Specifically, some reports claim they’re eyeing Tenga, who has been coming out with increasingly interesting and popular male masturbation sleeves and has recently started selling them to men in the US, which Fleshlight wants to stop.”

According to Dr. Herbenick’s, Tenga seems to be a significant improvement on the Fleshlight, which is pretty basic (but basic can be good). The law suit seems to be asking the International Trade Commission to bar the products from entering the U.S. So basically we can still get Tenga in Asia? Click here to view what Tenga looks like. It is available for purchase from U4Ria, a sex shop in Singapore I recommend clients to.

The full article about the Fleshlight patent infringement case in Austin Business Journal is here.


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