Love. What is your take on it?

Posted On: September 27, 2010

All The Ladies is a project by Action for AIDS to document the women we find in our everyday life – on the streets, in supermarkets, at the bank or the post office, at school and at work, on the bus, and even in our train carriages. It is not about the fashions they wear, but the thoughts that wear them.

The project aims to raise women’s awareness for HIV/AIDS, and empower women to view regular HIV screening as a right to good health, and a responsibility if they are sexually-active.

I am a volunteer videographer for this project and the first of six themes is: What is love?

All the ladies (in order of appearance):
Angeline Tng
Madeline Lin
Michelle Ong
Grace Lee
Michelle Chua
Su Ru
Wong Wan Chi

The video contributors:
Chung Hui Keng
Jacqueline Tang
Martha Lee

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