Testimonial – Manifest the Love of Your Life

Posted On: February 26, 2011

“I went into this workshop with some trepidation. The premise sounded like one of those too- good-to-be-true New Age beliefs. I also wasn’t a big fan of opening up in front of a group of strangers. But circumstances led me to this workshop so I decided to take the plunge – and never looked back.

From the very beginning, I felt comfortable. It was a small group, only 4 of us, so the setting was cosy and intimate, quite like hanging out with a bunch of girlfriends who happen to have similar goals and worries like you. Martha was warm and understanding, and she understood how to encourage us without pushing; when I wasn’t ready to share, I was accepted for who I was. The 3-hour long triple sessions was intimidating at first, but I’m so glad I pushed through to the end.

The camaraderie and dynamic we had by that third session gave us an extra surge of energy to visualise and manifest what we truly wanted. I came out feeling reinspired and reenergised. More importantly it helped me understand that all that happens to us start from us and our self-beliefs and love first. Martha really helped us focus on appropriate inner work. Thanks for the deep thought and prep that went into this programme, Martha! I came out feeling peaceful and open, and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring!” – Alanna Lin, Feb 2011

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