DVD: Stand2Pee

Posted On: March 14, 2011

WHAT? Women are taught as young girls they cannot pee standing up, and this is not true. Women CAN stand to pee naturally!

WHEN? Today, women can learn to pee standing up. No more squatting, or hovering when hiking, camping, attending shows or traveling away from home.

HOW? Learn to pee standing up from the comfort of your own home with the Stand2Pee Instructional DVD in less than a day. Women can pee standing naturally without gadgets, funnels or so-called female urinary devices.

The ability to pee standing up is a skill most women have wished they could do at various times in their life. Most women gave up this dream as a toddler when attempting to copy a boy, it ended miserably and your mother chastised you by saying only boys can do that. Since then you have endured unsanitary public facilities, long and never-ending lines for a dirty stall so you can hover over a seat, or popped a squat when outdoors.

You must use the discount code eros2′ they will receive a US$2.00 discount on either the DVD (shipped from the USA) or the download version.


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