Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden

Posted On: April 4, 2011

This documentary contains no lewd or graphic imagery and is illustrated entirely by the worlds heritage of art, illuminating core mysteries of humankind: temptation. The serpent. The expulsion from Paradise. Archetypal stories that have moved millions of human beings: but who has understood their real meaning? Theories abound, but humanity remains suffering in the wilderness, removed from the state of bliss (which in Hebrew is “Eden”). Drawing upon the greatest teachers of humanity, like Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and others, and investigating what they actually taught, we can see the emergence of the genuine root of all of their teachings: that creation, the most sacred act in the universe, is always sexual. All life emerges from sex, even spiritual life. But unfortunately, we have corrupted sex; that is why humanity was expelled from Eden. By learning the ancient science of sacred sexuality, anyone can return to the natural state of existence: harmony with nature and God. When you make male and female into a single one… then you will enter into the Kingdom. – Jesus of Nazareth, from The Gospel of Thomas And the companion of the (Savior) (was) Mary Magdalene. (He) loved her more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often on her mouth. – The Gospel of Philip In the view of Tantra, the body’s vital energies are the vehicles of the mind. When the vital energies are pure and subtle, one’s state of mind will be accordingly affected. By transforming these bodily energies we transform the state of consciousness. – The 14th Dalai Lama Learn about: – The Universal Experience of Suffering and its Universal Remedy – The Secret Teachings of Jesus and Moses – How Man and Woman were “made in the image of the Elohim”: Male-Female – The Tree of Life, also called Kabbalah – The Tree of Knowledge, also called Alchemy, Daath, or Tantra – The Duality of the Serpent: Kundalini and Kundabuffer – How to Experience Eden for Yourself Features: – English Language Track – Spanish Language Track – English Subtitles – Digitally Mastered Audio and Video

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