Funny Songs by Rachel Bloom

Posted On: April 21, 2012

You Can Touch My Boobies

A sexy music video that takes place inside the mind of a 12 year-old boy.


Starring Rachel Bloom
Written by Rachel Bloom and Jack Dolgen
Directed by Paul Briganti
Edited by Paul Briganti
Additional Direction by David Sidorov
Cinematography by Paul Rondeau
Video Produced by Laura Willcox
Choreography by Katie Lee Hill
Song Produced by Jack Dolgen and Mike Geier “aka MacGyver” at the Hidden Studio
Dancers: Katie Lee Hill, Christina Calph, Aleka Emerson, Alexa Silvaggio
Golda Meir (Actor): Marilyn Seide
Golda Meir (Voice): Nicole Shabtai
Jeffrey Goldstein: Alex Ash
Additional vocals: Tess Paras
Set Design: Steve Regina
Makeup: Emilia Adamkiewicz
Production Assistant: Caitlin Raftery

Special thanks to Jonathan Levin, Julia Nathan and Max Ash

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

A sexy pop song dedicated to the science fiction author, Ray Bradbury. 2011 Hugo Award Nominee for “Best Dramatic Presentation: Short.”

Starring: Rachel Bloom
Song by: Rachel Bloom and Jack Dolgen
Director/Editor: Paul Briganti
Director of Photoraphy: Paul Rondeau
Music Producers: Jack Dolgen and Jon Siebels
Animation: Adam Conover
Sets/Costumes: Matt Allamon
Hair/Makeup: Emilia Adamkiewicz
Drums: Kevin Harp
Choreography: Katie Hill

Featuring: Nicole Shabtai, Doug Widick, Katie Hill, Davina Reeves, Emma Koenig, Jessi Trauth, Mariah Freda, Dave Bluvband, Julia Wiedeman, Josh Ramos, Becky Ferreira, Danny Jolles, Greg Burke, Drew Kaufman, Taylor Armstrong, Paul Briganti

Twitter: racheldoesstuff

Pictures of Your Dick

A more realistic breakup song about love, loss and dicks. Originally featured on

Purchase the song on itunes:

Starring Rachel Bloom
Featuring Greg Burke
Written by Rachel Bloom and Jack Dolgen
Directed by Dan Gregor
Edited by Greg Burke
Piano by Rachel Bloom and Jerome Kurtenbach
Song Produced by Jack Dolgen

Special thanks to Tim Curcio


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