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Posted On: January 26, 2015

I have a weekly online radio show called Eros Evolution on OMTimes Radio.

It is every Thurs 4 – 5p.m. EST (Fri 4a.m. or 5a.m. Singapore time depending on whether daylight savings is in place) from Jan 15, 2015. There is also an encore on: Sunday at 7:00a.m., Monday at 10:00p.m., Wednesday at 3:00p.m., Friday at 5:00a.m., Saturday at 9:00a.m. EST.

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Eros Evolution is where sexuality and spirituality meets. I decided to tackle specifically this intersection because:

  1. I know many fellow sexologists who do excellent work and podcasts around sexuality already
  2. I am personally interested in the link between sexuality and spirituality. And even know I am a sexologist, and consider myself spiritual, I don’t actually know much about the link in depth.
  3. My platform is OMTimes and it reaches a more soulful community, and hence I also wanted to have content that appeals to this audience.

You can listen to me live or access the recording afterwards here.

More here and here specifically for my show.

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Upcoming Episodes

Oct 19: Exploring Planet Orgasm with Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.Annie Sprinkle has passionately researched and explored sexuality for over forty years, sharing her experiences through films, books, articles, and photography. She was the first porn star to earn a Ph.D. and has taught hundreds of sex workshops. Sprinkle has collaborated with Beth Stephens for fifteen years. They are internationally acclaimed artists who create sexually oriented visual art, theater, and performance. They are movers and shakers in the new ecosex movement.

There’s an eXciting new book by Annie Sprinkle, and it’s all about orgasm! Learn the fascinating history of orgasm research, the new definition of orgasm, and seven keys to a more mind-blowing blast off. Experiment with breath and energy orgasms, orgasmic states, dreamgasms, nipplegasms, crygasms, minigasms, megagasms and moregasms. Discover the difference between an orgasm and a climax, and how to extend your afterglow. Beautifully illustrated by YuDori.

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., has passionately researched and explored sexuality for over forty years, sharing her experiences through films, books, articles, and photography. She was the first porn star to earn a Ph.D. and taught hundreds of sex workshops for all genders. Sprinkle and her collaborator Beth Stephens are internationally acclaimed artists who create sexually oriented visual art, theater, and performance. Together they are pioneering the new “ecosex movement.”,,,,

Oct 26: Living your sensuous and orgasmic life with Myola Woods.

Pleasure has a bad name in society, often we believe we have to put off our pleasure, wait for another time or not have it all. Where are you at?  How much pleasure are you willing to receive?

When we live our lives from the paradigm of pleasure we change from the inside out. As discussed in her upcoming book Myola will share practices to include pleasure in your everyday life and living.

Myola Woods is an Author, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator with extensive experience in Education, Bodywork and Energetics.

Myola specialises in teaching individuals and couples the art of connection, creating and cultivating the choice of arousal, to deepen intimacy, sensation and pleasure.

As a Sexual being, mother of 4 teenagers and pleasure enthusiast, Myola appreciates the time constraints, daily and social pressures, that can play havoc on our erotic lives. Myola teaches ways to explore and enhance your love making in everyday life. Using techniques and practices that can turn you and your life on.

Previous Episodes

Oct 12: Manifesting your Spirit in Daily Life, with Randy Niederman, Ph.D.

This episode will discuss how to increase connection with your Spirit to cultivate happiness and health using techniques drawn from Hinduism and western psychology. The relationship between sexuality and yoga will be address, as well as the role your sexuality plays as a means for connecting with and expressing your Spirit in the world.

Randy Niederman, Ph.D., M.S.W., has taught social work at the University of Georgia, Western New Mexico University, and Barry University (FL). His Ph.D. dissertation was a research study entitled, “The Conceptualization of a Model of Spirituality.” His Ph.D. is from the University of Georgia, and his Masters in Social Work is from Florida International University. Dr. Niederman has worked in the capacity of a psychiatric social worker at a psychiatric crisis unit and hospital emergency rooms.

He has practiced Eastern disciplines for most of his life. His mother was a Yoga teacher and he has been practicing Yoga since childhood. He has a second degree black belt in Aikido and has been a long time practitioner of Tai Chi, Filipino martial arts, and Kendo. He has also been affiliated with Zen groups in South Florida and New Mexico. Listen here.

Facebook page is: Be Your Spirit

Oct 5: Episode 142: From Princess to Queen with Dr. Martha Tara Lee, D.H.S.

Based on her upcoming book “From Princess to Queen: Heartbreaks, Heartgasms, and Everything In-Between”, Clinical Sexologist and relationship coach Dr. Martha Tara Lee shares her views on sex and sexuality this episode. As the first sexologist with a doctorate in human sexuality in Singapore, Martha has gone where nobody has. She shares how she survived heartbreaks attained heartgasms and everything in between this journey. This book will document her professional journey as a pioneer sexologist, as well as personal one of reclaiming her femininity, and truly stepping into her power as a woman. More than coming of age book, each chapter has a theme, followed by practical suggestions for readers on how you too can navigate your own lives. Listen here.

Dr. Martha Lee
Sept 28 – Episode 141: From Good Christian Girl to Sex Coach, with Lucy Rowett

My story from Evangelical Christianity to embracing sex and spirit. I was raised in a church going, god fearing household with negative beliefs about sexuality. After a health break down and having to rebuild my life from the ground up, my healing came from embracing my sexual energy connected to spirit. It’s been a long journey of debunking shame, learning to love my body and coming home to my core sexual essence. If you’re recovering from religious conditioning about sex, you’re not alone. Listen to how I broke through to love my sexuality and transform my relationships.

Lucy Rowettis an eclectic soul who believes passionately in living a life that makes you juicy. She is a sex positive coach, writer and Tarot reader working specifically with women. She also sells pleasure products to women who want to finally feel pleasure in their bodies.

She believes sex, spirit and transformation are the keys to be your most shining self.

Her sex positive dream would be a world where radical acceptance of all orientations, desires and gender identities would be universal. She also dreams of seeing women be sexually empowered to audaciously claim their bodies.

Lucy loves writing, latin dancing, learning new languages and finding herself in new airports. She specializes in social media for sexuality professionals to get their message out into the world. When not dancing or travelling, she is usually found curled up with a cup of tea and a good book.



Twitter: @juiceandjasmine

Instagram: @juiceandjasmine

Sept 21 – Episode 140: Give us this day our Daily Pleasure with Jenni JoyMartha Lee welcomes Jenni Joy to discuss the extraordinary impact of cultivating pleasure rituals in daily life. She will explain how it impacts your Orgasmic Vitality and zest for life and simple ways in which we can all start to implement these practices, whether we are single or in a relationship. She will explain the importance of relaxation not only as a foundation stone for greater pleasure, but as the space from which our deepest desires and our strongest creative urges emerge.

Jenni Joy is a leadership, life, and intimacy coach, blending clinical sexology with the energetic arts of tantra, sacred femininity and transformation alongside leading edge tools in the field of personal development.

She is a board member of ASIS (Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists), and co-teaches and runs The Art of Tantra Massage Professional Training with John Hawken and The Paths of Transformation, as well as her own events. She has created a modern lifestyle sex education brand with Katrine Berling called Juizie, which brings together the very best of accessible sensual sexual education. She teaches modern tantric technologies to entrepreneurial communities and leadership groups, and is currently creating a revolutionary new program in this field called Serenity in Leadership. Listen here.

Sept 14 – Episode 139: Discover Desire through Orgasmic Meditation with Tony Rullo – OM PractitionerTony Rullo discusses the real power source to access everyone’s desire through a regular OM practice. He is passionate about getting people in touch with their desire in all facets of their lives whether that be a sexual, emotional, or spiritual connection with yourself and with other people. about the masculine honoring and being of service to the feminine for the better.

Tony Rullo first OMed in Sydney, Australia on 5 September 2015 after attending an “Intro to OM” day. Being extremely nervous, pessimistic and skeptical about attending this event, he kept an open mind to all sensations and possibilities. He saw it through and is a strong believer in the practice to now be an OM practitioner who lives with desire and is comfortable in his masculine being of service to the feminine. OM is a sacred and conscious practice to him. Every OM is unique, different and powers his growth sexually, spiritually and emotionally.

After diving deeper into learning more about OM, Tony decided to visit the home of OM in California for 7 months. He now lives in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his new wife. In keeping with the philosophy of Orgasmic Meditation, Tony keeps a tight container with the practice, the OM practice is free from commerce, and available to everyone that wants to learn it. He is available to teach you how to OM if that is your desire and he can guide you through the practice. Once you are trained, you can practice with any OM practitioners around the world.

To the women and men in the community that want to ask questions or know more about OM, he is willing to share what he knows freely to help you to deepen your practice. Please contact Tony through Facebook Private Messenger. Listen here.

Tony Rullo will be appearing as a guest on 16th September 2017 at the “Sex and the Struggle Live” event in Chester, Pennsylvania (16 miles from Philadelphia, PA). For more information and tickets please visit.

Sept 7 – Episode 138: The Sacred Shadow with Seani LoveSeani Love, professional male escort specialising in what he calls “Conscious Kink” will be joining Martha in the Studio for a conversation about the importance of understanding and integrating our erotic shadows. Listen to it here.

I’m Seani Love – a discreet, professional, fun-loving erotic and spiritual adventurer who works with intimacy, erotic ritual, Tantric Sex and all forms of sacred sensuality. I use a combination of Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Kink, counselling and erotic ritual to create custom journeys into touch, sensuality and embodiment that allows my clients live more fully in your own bodies as a whole, integrated, sexually-empowered beings. I feel very honoured to have won the title of Sex Worker of the Year at the 2015 Sexual Freedom Awards.

Aug 31 – Episode 137: Why my husband won’t have sex with me with Dr. Dawn MichaelDr. Dawn Michael talks about a very taboo topic in her book My husband won’t have sex with me, as to this silent growing epidemic. Society dictates that a man should always want to have sex with his wife and when he does not, instead of looking at the whole picture the woman is often the one that gets blamed. Dr. Michael takes a very different approach to this problem and explains it in her book giving reasons why this happens and how to fix it. It her second book The Ultimate Intimacy Guide For Passionate People is the follow up work book that was just released.

Dawn Michael, B.A. Communications, M.A. (Marriage Family Therapy), Ph.D. (Human Sexuality), Certified Hormone Specialist, Certified Sexuality Counselor of (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) Advisory Board Member and Certified Sexologist of ACS (American College of Sexologists ), Member of SSSS (Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality )., Co-Owner of The Sexual Heath and Wellness Center with partner Abilio Ramos MD. Dr. Michael is a public speaker and educator providing information on women’s and men’s sexual health issues along with better sex techniques for couples. Promoting healthy, sex positive views is one of Dr. Michael’s passions for working with her clients. Dr. Dawn Michael is an author and has been a featured guest on national television, radio, and magazines as an expert in her field!  You can become a part of Dr. Michael growing facebook page Intimacy for passionate people along with updates on her website the happy spouse where you can purchase her two books or visit Listen here.

Aug 24 – Episode 136: Shining a light on Infidelity and Healing with Renelle E. NelsonRenelle Nelson mission is to shine a light on infidelity by starting the conversation about monogamy. Many couples assume monogamy without discussing what that term means to them and what are their expectations. Renelle is Infidelity Recovery Coach that focuses on the affair by giving the couples who want to reconnect tools and education needed to recommit or individuals who decide to leave the tools to not take the trauma with them and learn to love again. It’s time to end the emotional storm in your head and get the tools and education you need to calm your storm and heal from the trauma of betrayal.

Renelle E. Nelson LMFT, CST, Wisconsin’s First African American Certified Sex Therapist. Renelle has an eclectic therapy background ranging from working with seniors to adolescents. After seeing the need to rebuild the foundations of the family unit especially the couple , she opened her private practice Kaleidoscope Services LLC to offer a nonjudgmental, safe , educational and nurturing environment to assist couples and individuals in their relationship in and out the bedroom. She self-proclaimed herself a Masturbation Enthusiast teaching whenever she can on the benefits of self-care and exploration. Her passion is now to educate and enhance the lives of those who suffer with Sexual pain and dysfunction by assisting them with getting their sexual voice back. Renelle saw the devistating effects of infidelity in her personal life and in the community, she became a Certified Infidelity Recovery Coach to assist couples who wanted to recommit to their relationship after an affair by offering them a 7 step program providing the tools and education to assist them in their journey. Listen here.

To get more information about Renelle you can visit her website
To learn more about affair aftercare you can visit
@noirsxtherapist ig and twitter
@affairaftercare ig

Aug 17 – Episode 135:  Sexuality and Spirituality – 9th Recap with Dr. Martha Tara Lee. This episode does a reflect-and-recap. Who have we had thus far? What has this host for Eros Evolution, Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching learned about sexuality and spirituality? What would she suggest for listeners out there? Listen here. Dr. Martha Lee
Aug 10 – Episode 134: Healing from Child Sexual Abuse with Brooke Woon BPsych, PGCouns, PGPsychDr Martha welcomes Brooke Woon to discuss the how the impact of child sexual abuse (CSA) can last long after the abuse has finished. Further conversation will explore practical ways to heal from child sexual abuse, and create a happy fulfilling life. She believes no matter what happens it’s always possible to heal.

Brooke Woon is a passionate advocate for victims of child sexual abuse, and an educator on the subject. Brooke has worked as a Psychologist with adult and child victims of child sexual abuse, and male and female perpetrators of child sexual abuse. She is the author of the book ‘I believe you – How to heal from child sexual abuse’, which is written for adult survivors of child sexual abuse, and is also being embraced by practitioners who help these victims.

Brooke has worked with people who have lived through trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, phobias, ADHD, social difficulties, addictions, sexuality and intimacy challenges, relationship, family and anger issues, parenting struggles, intellectual impairment and more.

Brooke has worked for various mental health programs, community and government agencies, including the Western Australian Police Force, and has had her own practice. Brooke has extensive experience in individual, couple and child counselling. She enjoys public speaking, creating and running workshops, and support groups on a variety of mental health issues and self-help topics. Listen here.

Aug 4 – Episode 133: The Reality of Porn with Dr. Jakob Pastoetter.Few topics are more controversial than Porn. This is because Porn stands so much in the intersection not only of so many different points of view what sexuality should be about but also of what constitutes a visual medium and a piece of art in general, what are their messages, and how do they exert influence on our real world experiences and interactions. As with many other things, you can only try to approach from different angles to get an idea of what constitutes the “Reality of Porn” for different people, rather than to decide once and for all what it “really” is. In this show German Sexologist Dr. Jakob Pastoetter will answer these five questions to get a clearer picture: 1) what makes porn porn; 2) tell us about ethical porn; 3) is porn addictive; 4) what are the harmful effects of porn; 5) what are porn perception differences between men and women – preferences/ views/ attitudes; 6) my partner watches a lot of porn. Is this cheating? Listen here.

Dr. Jakob Pastoetter started as a very spiritually interested teenager, delved then into cultural anthropology, developed a taste for sexology while doing research at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, wrote his doctoral thesis on Hardcore Pornography and the Constrain to Self-constrain Mechanisms of the Civilizing Process it is entangled in – Question: Why were Sexually Explicit Pictures only developed as an Entertainment Medium in the Postindustrialized Western societies. He got his Ph.D. in Education at Humboldt University, and finally became an ABS certified Clinical Sexologist at the American Academy of Clinical Sexology in 2003, teaching and tutoring there since 15 years while doing research, media work, and sex, couple, and life counseling as President of the German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research. He started organizing the prestigious biannual conferences of DGSS. Since 2014 he also provided sexual counseling for bi-national couples in English and German via Skype.

His websites are:
and soon

Right now he is the Editor of a German-English book series “Sexuality Crosswise” with Springer Science and is writing a book on “The Development of German Sex Education”.

July 27 – Episode 132: The Inability to Receive: The Story Inside The StoryIn this episode, Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching (after the 20min) shares two personal stories involving her mother to facilitate this discussion on the effects on our inability to receive. She also reflects on the dynamics of mother-daughter or parent-child dynamics that play out. These stories are intended to be used for your own reflection on whether you have difficulties in receiving in your life, and are “killing love”. Perhaps you are in a hurry to get things done, that you take charge, and dismiss, overrule and dominate over others in your life? Listen to these personal stories and reflect so you can claim a life of love and power.

Please ignore the first 20mins of the show as we had difficulties patching in our intended guest and had to change the angle of the show. Listen here.

Dr. Martha Lee
July 20 – Episode 131:  “You’ve Been Lied to… Women LOVE Sex: Feminine Sexual Ecstasy Secrets” with Jan Robinson, M.A. on Eros EvolutionJan Robinson will share some of the greatest secrets of feminine sexuality ever known. As a woman, have you ever wondered why sex wasn’t as great or deep or meaningful or exciting that you know in your heart it COULD be?
Jan will reveal the top reasons why you’ve been blocked. Hear about little-known foreplay sequences that honor your yin sexual arousal style and have the potential to blossom your sexuality into states of great joy and ecstasy, taking you into direct contact with the Goddess within you.Jan Robinson, M.A., Sex & Intimacy Coach, Author, and Tantra Expert, adores foot rubs, classical music, and men who love women.  Jan’s mission is to end the WAR of the sexes and encourage the WOW in the dance between the masculine and feminine. Her vision is a world in which men and women know how to rock each others’ worlds with love, sex, and intimacy that heals, empowers, and uplifts. She is the founder of TantricJoy, where she reveals ancient tantric secrets for becoming a master lover and tapping into women’s infinite capacity for pleasure. Mastering Jan’s proven methods will spark a sex life beyond your wildest dreams.In her new book, Your Amazing Itty Bitty Have More Sex Book, Jan distills, in 15 secrets, what she’s discovered about what it takes to truly fulfill a woman sexually. Jan has profoundly surprised and delighted not only herself with these findings, but hundreds of other women and men in workshops and private trainings in the U.S. and Europe. Listen here.Website:
Twitter: @sexacoachjan
July 13 – Episode 130: Living a Sex Positive Life with Angelique and John C. LunaOn this show, we explore all aspects of human sexuality with Angelique and John C Luna. We talk about the good and the bad, the health and healing benefits, the adventures, the relationships as well as the crimes and tragedies. Their mission is to educate, entertain and talk about that touchy topic that affects us all, sex. Listen here.

Facebook:       Livingasexpositivelife




Angelique Luna – Angelique Luna is a sex coach, educator, entertainer and sexual abuse advocate. Her mission is making Living A Sex Positive Life a reality for everyone. She is a wife & mother to strong warrior who has overcome the harrowing experience of sex abuse. Angelique Luna is the host of Living A Sex Positive Life podcast with her husband John C Luna where she discusses all aspects and affects of sexual relationships. She is currently enrolled in the inaugural year of Kink Aware Therapist Training Program at the Kink Therapy Certification Institute.

Facebook:       Angelique Luna

Twitter:           @MsAngeliqueLuna

Instagram:       MsAngeliqueLuna

John C Luna – In his original career, John was an entrepreneur, author, professional educator and software developer. After 10+ years in the lifestyle, he has started a new chapter of his life educating others on alternative relationships and human sexuality. He lectures and coaches on non-monogamy, bisexuality, safe sexual practices, BDSM and other relationship & kink related topics. Along with his wife, Angelique Luna, he hosts the podcast, Living a Sex Positive Life with a mission to educate, entertain and talk about sex.

Facebook:       John C Luna

Twitter:           @JohnCLuna

July 6 – Episode 129:  Avoiding predators in Tantra: How to stay safe while expanding consciousness, with Lucy RowettTantra and conscious sexuality can be insanely transformational, but can be incredibly risky if you don’t have your eyes open. While there are many gifted teachers, there are also many predators. Lucy shares her best advice for avoiding the common pitfalls when starting your Tantric journey, while sharing her experience of reading the Love Tarot. Listen to her practical advice to stay safe and keep a critical mind when going into a workshop.

Lucy Rowettis an eclectic soul who believes passionately in living a life that makes you juicy. She is a sex positive coach, writer and Tarot reader working specifically with women. She also sells pleasure products to women who want to finally feel pleasure in their bodies.

She believes sex, spirit and transformation are the keys to be your most shining self.

Her sex positive dream would be a world where radical acceptance of all orientations, desires and gender identities would be universal. She also dreams of seeing women be sexually empowered to audaciously claim their bodies.

Lucy loves writing, latin dancing, learning new languages and finding herself in new airports. She specializes in social media for sexuality professionals to get their message out into the world. When not dancing or travelling, she is usually found curled up with a cup of tea and a good book. Listen here.



Twitter: @juiceandjasmine

Instagram: @juiceandjasmine

June 29 – Episode 128:  Warrior Woman – A Path Away from Shame Toward PowerWe are living in extraordinary times. On both the material and spiritual level, there is a sense of things in flux. Our world feels overwhelming right now, doesn’t it? What are we to do, in this climate that is sometimes aggressive, often separated from spirit, with very real risks in play? This transformation calls to all of us. You have a tremendous amount of power and there is much you can do to be physically and spiritually ready for resilience. It sometimes feels like there is something blocking your power though, doesn’t it?

Very often, what blocks us is shame, and the value in holding on to shame is to try to assert control over our ability to belong. On the path of the Warrior Woman, then, the fight has to be in us and for us first before it can be for the world. The Warrior Woman belongs to herself first, and so releases shame and reclaims her power. A warrior is strong, brave, courageous, and powerful. She risks losing things, burning bridges. A warrior risks getting hurt. But, she takes those risks because what she’s fighting against precludes the healthy existence of what she’s fighting for. Do you value yourself enough to take those risks on your own behalf? The fight is for YOU – for yourself, for your right to the best life for you, for space to flourish and for the peace and pleasure that you deserve.

Sarah Martin is a Warrior Woman, a Certified Sex Coach, and a badass. Today, she calls Warsaw, Poland home. She’s travelled to over 35 countries as a woman alone, and has studied 10 languages (so far). Relentless travel has been a defining feature of her life. As well as operating a private clinical practice, Sarah works at the Sex Positive Institute in Warsaw, Poland, presenting workshops and trainings.

Sarah’s favourite things in life relate to Erotic Fitness, including Playfighting, Orgasmic Running, and Pole Dance. She is utterly fascinated by the connection between fitness, nutrition, and vibrant sexual energy. Her first book, Orgasmic Running: A Feminine Practice for Pleasurable Wellbeing, is available on Amazon.

Additionally, Sarah Martin is the Executive Director of the World Association of Sex Coaches, the certifying body and professional association for sex coaches worldwide. At the Association, sex coaches and sexologists unite and support each other, creating a significant, cumulative impact on the world.

Her vision is that a world free of sexual shame will be a more peaceful, more loving, and more connected world. Listen here.



Twitter: @SexCoachSarah


June 22 – Episode 127: – Thriving in Sex Work with author Lola DavinaMartha welcomes longtime veteran of the sex industry, Lola Davina, to discuss Thriving in Sex Work: Heartfelt Advice for Staying Sane in the Sex Industry, her new self-help book for sex workers. Sex work is difficult emotional labor. Her new book offers support and self-care advice on managing the inevitable conflicting emotions that arise in this challenging work.

Lola Davina has spent more than 25 years in and around the sex industry, working as a stripper, dominatrix, porn actress, and escort over a fifteen-year period. She has earned an M.A. in Human Sexuality and an M.S. in Nonprofit Fundraising, and writes a self-care and wellness column for, a support website for cam models. Listen here.

Website: LolaDavina.comTwitter:


June 15 – Episode 126: Navigating Consent with Kitty Stryker, author of “Ask: Building Consent Culture”Martha invites Kitty Stryker onto the show to discuss what consent culture is, why it’s important, and how it can challenge rape culture. Kitty has been a consent activist for over 6 years, working with alternative communities to combat abuse and create sustainable accountability practices. Martha and Kitty will explore the ways in which alternative sexualities embrace constructs of consent, and the ways in which they are still learning.

Kitty Stryker is a Degenderette, writer, queer activist, and authority on developing a consent culture in alternative communities. She was the founder of, a website that ran for 4 years as a hub for LGBT/kinky/poly folks looking for a sex critical approach to relationships and which will be relaunched on 2017. Kitty also cofounded the artsy sexy party Kinky Salon London, as well as creating the award winning Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society, the SF based kink party Whippersnappers, and acts as head of cosplay for queer gaming convention GaymerX. Having finished “Ask: Building Consent Culture”, an anthology through Thorntree Press coming out in October, Kitty tours internationally speaking at universities and conferences about feminism, sex work, body positivity, queer politics, and more. She lives in Oakland, California with her wife, boyfriend, and two cats, Foucault and Nietzsche.

Listen to the show here.

June 6 – Episode 125: Integral Tantra and ShamanismLooking at ways various wisdom traditions from around the world meet can give us insights into human condition of both Waking Up and Growing Up. James will be presenting various maps that can help us gain understanding about the circumstances of our life as well as guide us to what next steps might be in reclaiming our life-force energy and bringing it towards it’s full potential.

James Stevenson’s passion is to help call forth our human potential and our soul. His weave brings together 20 years experience in techniques, practices and information from the cutting edge of Neuroscience, Tantra, Biodanza, Shamanic & Energy Work, Integral theory and Taoist practices to create a spirituality that is rooted in the body. His evolutionary approach is to work on all lines, levels, states and parts of ourselves in bringing forth our fullest potential.

His work in meditation and tantra work draws on many different traditions and paths he has studied from Kashmir Shaivism, Baul mysticism, Advaita Vedanta, Vajrayana Buddhism,  Integral systems and Neo-tantra. He was very much influenced in the early days by the enlightened master Osho and enjoyed spending time in Pune and the Humaniversity.

His shamanic work includes being Vision Quest rites of passage guide, holding Sweatlodge Ceremonies as well as Sacred Cacao Rituals. He has been dancing Biodanza since 2003 and now works as a teacher and a didactic teacher (qualified to teach other teachers in Biodanza Schools). He also leads ecstatic dance sessions, and ran the popular Awaken conscious night club in Edinburgh for many years.

As a festival organizer he is involved in 6 International Tantra festivals in both Bali,India, Holland, Portugal, California and East Coast America as well as Dance and Biodanza festivals in both Ibiza and Delhi. He was also a Regional Organizer ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts, and remains an active faculty member. & Listen here.

June 1 – Episode 124: Animated Sex: The Spirituality of Eros with Dr Jakob PastoetterAlthough there was never in the history of mankind more visual sex and general information about sex readily available, many people suffer from low libido and general disinterest in sex. Sexologists usually try to cure this with even more information and concentration on sex, and for many people that might be helpful because they have no words of their own to articulate their sexual needs and desires. But there are those others for whom this doesn’t work because they suffer from a kind of sex poisoning. This can only be cured by going back to the roots which aren’t anatomical, technical, or visual but primordial, archaic, and spiritual. Sex as “just sex” quickly becomes empty and shallow if the connection to Eros gets cut. Eros is not just the chubby little angel with bow and arrow but is the primordial god of procreation who emerged self-formed at the dawn of creation. Eros was the driving force behind the generation of new life in the cosmos. With Dr. Martha Lee, Dr. Jakob Pastoetter will discuss his importance for cultivating polarity, nourishing creativity, and developing spiritual connectivity with life to discover our full sexual potential. Excursions will lead to Astrology, Sex Magick, Qigong, Tantra and the Jungian concepts of Animus and Anima. Listen here.

Dr. Jakob Pastoetter started as a very spiritually interested teenager, delved then into cultural anthropology, developed a taste for sexology while doing research at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, wrote his doctoral thesis on Hardcore Pornography and the Constrain to Self-constrain Mechanisms of the Civilizing Process it is entangled in – Question: Why were Sexually Explicit Pictures only developed as an Entertainment Medium in the Postindustrialized Western societies. He got his Ph.D. in Education at Humboldt University, and finally became an ABS certified Clinical Sexologist at the American Academy of Clinical Sexology in 2003, teaching and tutoring there since 15 years while doing research, media work, and sex, couple, and life counseling as President of the German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research. He started organizing the prestigious biannual conferences of DGSS. Since 2014 he also provided sexual counseling for bi-national couples in English and German via Skype.

His websites are
and soon

Right now he is the Editor of a German-English book series “Sexuality Crosswise” with Springer Science and is writing a book on “The Development of German Sex Education”.

May 25 – Episode 123: Make More Love Today with Dr. Martha Tara LeeFor the second time, Make Love Week ran May 14 – 21 as part of the celebrations for Masturbation Month in May. How does one keep love, intimacy and sex alive in relationships? Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching gives you a snapshot of how you can do so, based on the 8 videos she released as part of Make Love Week. In the last 15mins of the show, Martha shares the developments of GLBT (Gay, Lebsian, Bisexual, Transgender) movement in Asia , specifically Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore. Listen here.

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Masturbation Month campaign

Mailing list

Dr. Martha Lee
May 18 – Episode 122: Sex Rituals to Raise Sexual Excitement with Dr Lori Beth BisbeyRituals are part of every aspect of our lives.  Incorporating rituals instead of routines into your sexual life can raise the level of excitement, help you to create a deeper connection with your partner(s) and turn your sex into worship.   Routines are usually things we do without thinking so much and this can lead to boredom.  Ritual requires 100% attention, being focused on now.  Most of the rituals Dr Lori Beth Bisbey incorporates create sacred space and bring the divine into self and lover.  The ritual can be a simple as bathing each other before playing together or as complex as setting up a dungeon and enacting a intricate BDSM session. Adding deliberately charged energy to any sexual session intensifies and electrifies. Listen here.

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is a Sex & Intimacy Coach, Psychologist, Speaker, Educator and Author.  She works with individuals, couples and polyamorous groups to help them find and create their ideal intimate relationships.  She works with all genders and sexual orientations.  Dr Lori Beth has a specialty in healing sexual trauma and helping people move beyond survivor and back into full sexual life.  She is kink knowledgeable, sees sexual energy as divine energy and some forms of kink as the easiest way to raise large quantities of energy.  To follow her adventures, sign up for her newsletter, or catch her podcasts: The A to Z of Sex and Sex Spoken Here on iTunes.

May 11 – Episode 121: Sex Addiction is not a Diagnosis with Dr Roger Libby.There is no proven support for either sex addiction or hypersexuality. These are phony concepts which are used in sex negative ways. This does not mean some people are not out of balance or OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder). CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) is the most effective way to deal with imbalances. Sex addiction clinics overcharge for a condition that does not exist. Both the DSM and Aasect have soundly rejected both concepts. Unfortunately AAMFT still supports these harmful concepts. Listen here.
May 5 – Episode 120: Love for Long Term Couples with Dawn Beck and Gerald GatzAre you a Couple who has been together for a while?  What’s a while? For most couples, chemistry begins fading after the first year.  After that, couples can sink into patterns of repetition, feelings of not being attracted to or by their partner, assuming rather than asking or communicating, feeling blasé about sex, and lackluster and hopeless about making any changes.

Through Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, you can learn tools and practices to either reignite or ignite your relationship for the first time. Creating Alchemy!  Learning ways to:

Communicate with each other.  Sharing and Listening from and with ALL of your senses.

Create Intimacy through eye gazing, breath, sound, intention, Tantric positions.

Connect Heart and Sexual Centers (Chakras).

Juice up your relationship with sexy talk.

Discover each other’s  arousal speeds and erogenous zones (there more than you think).

Be curious to explore, experiment, and engage with each other’s needs and desires.

Heal and release any stuck or blocked energy that can hold you back from deep Love!

And more…… Listen here.

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April 27 – Episode 119: When Procreation and Recreation Collide:  Couples and Intimacy during Infertility TreatmentAs people wait longer to marry and start families, the incidence of infertility has risen.  But, even young couples sometimes struggle with infertility.  There are sexual problems that cause infertility, including vaginismus and delayed ejaculation.  Infertility can also create sexual difficulties, especially low desire.  There are also emotional problems, such as sadness and defeat, that can make it difficult for couples to relate to each other.  In this program, Dr. Stephanie Buehler will talk about the relationship and sexual difficulties related to infertility. Listen here.
April 20 – Episode 118:  Sexuality and Spirituality – 8th Recap with Dr. Martha Tara Lee. This episode does a reflect-and-recap. Who have we had thus far? What has this host for Eros Evolution, Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching learned about sexuality and spirituality? What would she suggest for listeners out there? Listen here.


Dr. Martha Lee
April 13 – Episode 117: Her Hidden Health Secrets with Dr. Christine Horner, M.D., and author, “Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty”Natural health expert and award-winning author, Dr. Christine Horner says diseases like breast cancer, depression or a HPV diagnosis can carry a lot of stigma, which causes women to want to hide their diagnosis.  But she says being secretive and in the dark about your health status will only hurt you in the end because the stress of not knowing what to do and having no support, will only cause the condition to escalate. Dr. Horner will share four disease conditions that modern medicine provides few answers to and the natural medicine game-changers that can help reverse the diagnosis for lupus, HPV, depression and breast cancer. Listen here.


April 6 – Episode 116: Self-care and it’s importance to your sex droughtIt is easy to feel overwhelmed by life. We have a never-ending stream of work deadlines, social obligations, and household responsibilities. In this episode, Clinical Sexologist Dr Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching shares how she came to learn about the importance of self-care, and encouraged you to establish your own self-care routine. She differentiates between self-care and self-love and encouraged you to give to yourself before to others. Martha goes into how to get out of the sex drought or rut, and talks about how opposites attract (morning/ night person; introvert/ extrovert; touch/ non-touch) and makes a case for establishing a sex routine with your partner. She highlights the difference between spontaneous vs responsive desire response. Do ignore the first 15mins as we experienced difficulties patching our intended guest in. Listen here. Dr. Martha Lee
Mar 30 – Episode 115: Touch Me in Ways that Matter.Martha welcomes Bianca Briggs to discuss her own experiences as a dementia practitioner and the importance of touch in supporting not only the person living with dementia, but their supportive partners and loved ones as well.

Dementia is a degenerative brain disease that causes memory loss, with many of us thinking that if a person has dementia, they are not aware of life experiences, especially in the later stages of the disease. In this show, Bianca will share with Martha ideas around how to value the person with dementia and support the person who is caring for them in ways that really make a difference. Listen here.


Mar 23 – Episode 114: Hack your sex life with Sex Hacker Kenneth Play.Kenneth Play’s private PlayLabs, which are hands-on sex coaching intensives, have recently received a lot of media attention around the world.  He’s helped couples with everything from squirting to kink to communication.  In this show, Kenneth will share why he thinks play-by-play sex coaching is the most effective way to help couples experience new pleasure, overcome challenges, and master new techniques. Listen here.


Mar 16 – Episode 113: Clean and Clear: Emotional Freedom Through Releasing. Do you feel negative and heavy about life? Set off by little things? Do you want to be able to forgive someone in your life but not know how? Do you wish to have balance restored and room for love to flow back into your heart? There is no need to be in stuckness, worried,  afraid of what tomorrow will bring and if you’d break down. There are many techniques to be a clean and clear emotionally so that love and balance can be restored. These powerful practices can restore your heart, mind, and soul. Listen and find out what they are. Also, join my free 30-days Clean and Clear campaign on Facebook where free videos, interviews and resources will be released. Listen here.



Mar 9 – Episode 112: Unusual Urinary Tract Infections – UTI Surprise.

Health statistics estimate that nearly 50 percent of women will develop a UTI at some point in their lifetime, with
symptoms that include pain while urinating, blood in the urine and pelvic pain. What’s worse is that once you’ve had a UTI, the likelihood of having another one escalates. In this episode, we learn about the three surprises about UTI from Sherry Torkos, B.Sc.Phm., R.Ph. Sherry is a pharmacist, author, certified fitness instructor and health enthusiast and uses her expertise in pharmacy and nutrition to educate people on complementary therapies to optimize health and prevent disease. Listen here.

Mar 2 – Episode 111: Sacred Lovers: Feeling Into Deeper Connection with Matt Schwenteck and Robyn DalzenMatt and Robyn are lovers and are passionate about sharing what they live and teach to create deep connection in relationship. They work with individuals and couples to help them identify what they want, communicate clear agreements and deepen their intimacy. Their work is based on the Wheel of Consent by Dr Betty Martin, which provides a simple framework for conscious relating. Listen here.


Feb 23 – Episode 110: Real Sex Education: What it is and how to do it with Karen Rayne, PhDDr. Karen Rayne provides sexuality education to people of all ages, writes sex ed curriculum, and trains sexuality educators in the US and around the world. She believes that comprehensive sexuality education is a basic human right because knowing about the body you live in is the first step to personal autonomy. She will discuss how to make this large goal actionable, both in the home and in group environments. Listen here.


Feb 16 – Episode 109: Do you want to love your body…but really don’t? Learn the 5 phases of body-love and how to grow a powerful and positive relationship with your body so you can feel good in your own skin! And no, it’s not a diet! Join Nina Manolson, M.A. Health & Psychology of Eating Coach as she unpacks the painful pattern of self-criticism and body-hate and helps you find your way to body-love! Listen here. nina
Feb 9 – Episode 108: The Connection Between Traveling and Lovemaking.Couples often travel together – whether traveling for business or pleasure.  What they probably don’t realize is that traveling offers unique opportunities for them to experience spiritual transitions in their lives.  There is a powerful link between traveling and lovemaking not to mention that a shaman from the Dagara tribe in Africa says that “having sex” is “going on a journey together”.  During today’s show, raveling entrepreneurs and co-founders of Authors Talk About It, Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D. will teach you how you and your partner can enhance your sex life, your spiritual life and your travel journey. Listen here.
Feb 2 – Episode 107: Sex Coaching and Spirituality.In this episode of Eros Evolution, guest hosts Myisha Battle and Sarah Martin will discuss how sex coaching ties in with spirituality, what types of spiritual sexual practices can be explored and the benefits of working with a sex coach. Listen here.
Jan 27 – Episode 106: Learn the secrets to getting your pre baby body back for good – with Emma Jory Pre & Post Natal Pilates, Health and Wellebing expert.Discussing the importance doing the right exercises after giving birth and how it makes all the difference to flattening your tummy and getting your pre baby body back. Emma is passionate about helping women rediscover their core strength and empowering them to know how to keep it. She will discuss the do’s and don’ts of the pre and post natal period, as well as answer some other burning questions that many of us have relating to staying fit and healthy. Listen to it here.


emma jory
Jan 19: Episode 105: The Tantric Escort – Sex Work that is Profoundly Healing.EJ Love shares her experiences working in the sex industry and how she evolved her escort work into a sacred sexual healing practice, tantric rituals and practical sex coaching that is profoundly healing for her clients. She is passionate about sexual healing and how it can awaken and heal us on deep levels. You can read more about the work that she specifically does as a Sacred Sexual Priestess at  She has recently launched a movement and future book called Naked Woman Rising where women from all over the world are coming together to rise up and own all the parts of them that have been shamed Listen here. ej3
Jan 12 – Episode 104: How Your Iphone Can Actually Help You Boost Intimacy In Your Relationship. Have you ever wondered about the impact that technology has on your relationship? Do you often find yourself looking at your screen rather than at your partner?

Many couples report that technology interrupts couple time and intimacy, and that they rarely feel they truly get time alone. Today I am talking to Kate Moyle who is one of the Founding Partners of Pillow Play, the app which is trying to tackle this problem by using technology to help couples get creative and playful with intimacy, bringing them together rather than driving them apart. Interview here.


Jan 5 – Episode 103: Seeding the Sexual Renaissance with Frank MondeoseThe Sexual Renaissance is about creating a new script around sex, love and relating. It welcomes the rise of the Sacred Feminine, acknowledges and supports the New Awakening Masculine, and remembers the natural flow of love. Each one of us are here to radiate our song in the world, serving something bigger than our individual story; the collective call to remember the “Sacred”.

Join Frank Mondeose for a discussion on the emerging traits of the Sexual Renaissance and how we can choose to harmonize our songs. Listen here.

Dec 29 – Episode 102: Sexuality and Spirituality – 7th Recap with Dr. Martha Tara Lee.This episode does a reflect-and-recap. Who have we had thus far? What have I learned about sexuality and spirituality?  What would I suggest for listeners out there? Listen here.


Dr. Martha Lee
Dec 22 – Episode 101: Sexuality Trainings for 2017 As 2016 winds down, what resolutions might you have? Have you ever thought of going for some trainings when it comes to your sexuality? If yes, which ones should you be looking at? Clinical Sexologist Dr Martha Tara Lee talks about the trainings she had attended from: ISTA Level 1, Sexological Bodywork, Urban Tantra, Sex Coach U to Inner Voyage. This show was originally intended as an interview with EJ Love, The Tantra Escort, but due to poor sound quality, we decided to postpone her show to a later date. Listen here. Dr. Martha Lee
Dec 15 – Episode 100: Beaten to Greatness: Turning Adversity into Success.

Dr. Tangie shares stories of rising above trauma and shame to unveil a magnificent destiny of one’s own design. Often times, we don’t see an end to turmoil and accept misery as a given. But hardship can be a stepping stone of success in even the most traumatic of experiences. Dr. Tangie is passionate about sharing her own story of survival and overcoming adversity to reemerge with more power and growth than we ever anticipated. Listen here.

Dec 8 – Replay of episode 89:  My Best Sex Stories by Dr. Martha Tara Lee. In this episode, Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee shares her very best sex stories in her own radio show. Born and bred in Singapore, Martha experience culture shock when she embarked on her doctorate in human sexuality in San Francisco. She did not expect to explore grieving and reverse culture shock opening up her practice in Singapore. In this no-holds barred show, she shares how her attitudes around oral sex, masturbation, sexuality, spirituality, porn, relationships, aging and disability has shifted over the years. Listen here. Dr. Martha Lee
Dec 1 – Episode 99: Getting to Bliss in Your Life with Laurie Handlers.Laurie Handlers, MA, joins Dr. Martha Tara Lee to discuss how people can have more than ordinary sex. They cover how people can use sexual energy to make themselves happy and beyond. They even talk about using sexual energy to fuel their life’s intentions. Listen here.


Laurie Handlers
Nov 24 – Episode 98:Revealing the Scarlet Queen: Sex, BDSM, Minions and Roleplay. Averral stars in Scarlet Queen BDSM Roleplay YouTube with over two million views, and has released two thriller novels (Red Hourglass and Blue Orca).

BDSM is a recurring theme in her creations. She shares how she stumbled upon BDSM and the story behind the Scarlet Queen YouTube Channel. She will invite viewers to roleplay as minions in a femdom (female domination) segment. Listen here.

Nov 17 – Episode 97: What Really Matters About Real Estate.

Martha welcomes Matt Parker, a Real Estate Broker who has studied the interpersonal and emotional affects your real estate has on your life.

Our relationships with our real estate have changed and we need to be conscious of what decisions our homes make for us in our relationships with our loved ones, including our significant others. Listen here.

Nov 10 – Episode 96: How to start loving your body, even if you don’t like it.Nina Manolson will be exploring the most important relationship in our life – the one with ourselves!

If you can’t look in the mirror without criticizing yourself, then tune into Nina’s practical, unconventional and compassionate approach to feeling good in your own body! Listen here.


Nov 4 – Episode 95: The Ebb and Flow of Female and Male Ejaculation.Learn ways to honor Female and Male Ejaculation. We will talk about how Women can learn ways to invite their Divine Nectar (Amrita).  How to connect Trust, Orgastic states of being, Orgasm, Pleasure, Goddess Energy, Dreams, Desires, and Manifestations to this Sacred Invitation.  How a Beloved, partner/friend, Daka/Dakini, or self can open these Sacred Water Pathways.  Dispelling the myths and supporting the beauty.

We will also talk about Men’s Ejaculatory Orgasms. Ways for men to have more choice and control…riding the waves of full body Orgasms, and/or increase ability to Ejaculate if that’s a challenge. Dispelling the myths about both Recirculating and Celebrating, bring more consciousness of connecting Dreams, Desires, and Intentions to both choices, and the importance of Balance between the two.  Along with how women (or same sex partner) can give a man permission to choose and not take his choice personally. Listen here.

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Oct 27 – Episode 94: Sex needs Comedy and Comedy needs Sex with Prescott Gaylord.Martha welcomes improv comedian and host of “The 4-Play Sex and Comedy Show” Prescott Gaylord to talk about the intersection of humor and sex education.

Prescott believes sex education is frequently delivered so seriously that we forget the fun in the pleasure. In this segment, he will discuss why comedians should get sex information correct and why sex educators should immediately enroll in an improv class. Listen here.


Oct 20 – Episode 93: Secrets of Female Sexual Arousal with Sheri Winston.Inch for inch, pound for pound, women have as much erectile tissue as men. Learn about the parts that not even gynecologists know about, and how they can ramp up your pleasure to amazing new levels of arousal. Join celebrated sexuality teacher Sheri Winston as she integrates ancient wisdom, lost knowledge and modern sexuality information in a sexy, fun show that illuminates every woman’s secret paths to fabulous, orgasmically abundant sex. Listen here.


Oct 13 – Episode 92: How to flatten your lower tummy the right way – with Emma Jory Pilates & Health Specialist.Discussing the importance of a strong centre and body awareness, Emma is passionate about helping people find and keep their core connection. She will discuss the importance of good posture not only to our looks by flattening our stomach but what how it helps to prevent injury and even stress. Listen here. emma jory
Oct 6 – Episode 91: Sex Coaching and Why We Need It with Myisha Battle.Martha speaks with certified sex coach Myisha Battle about the field of sex coaching, what it is and isn’t and who it’s for.

Myisha is a feminist who believes in the power of working directly with individuals and couples to address sexual concerns. She believes sex coaching to be a way for a wide spectrum of people to gain access to nonjudgmental help and support they need to be sexually fulfilled. Listen here.

Myisha Battle
Sept 29 – Episode 90: (Come Hither:) Calling Forth the Gush with Dr. Victoria Reuveni, DHS, CSB, ACSI.“Female” ejaculation is all the rage these days. We see examples in adult film portraying squirting as the next frontier of sex.

Victoria emphasizes fun, exploration, and anatomy rather than gender and orientation while giving specific techniques to encourage squirting in those with a vulva. All genders are welcome as we explore fact vs. fiction; specific suggestions and toy recommendations, all of which can help this type of play’s success! Listen here.


Sept 22 – Episode 89:  My Best Sex Stories by Dr. Martha Tara Lee.In this episode, Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee shares her very best sex stories in her own radio show. Born and bred in Singapore, Martha experience culture shock when she embarked on her doctorate in human sexuality in San Francisco. She did not expect to explore grieving and reverse culture shock opening up her practice in Singapore. In this no-holds barred show, she shares how her attitudes around oral sex, masturbation, sexuality, spirituality, porn, relationships, aging and disability has shifted over the years. Listen here. Dr. Martha Lee
Sept 15 – Episode 88: Sexuality and Spirituality – 6th Recap with Dr. Martha Tara Lee. This episode does a reflect-and-recap. Who have we had thus far? What have I learned about sexuality and spirituality?  What would I suggest for listeners out there? Listen here.
Dr. Martha Lee
Sept 8 – Episode 87: Getting In Touch With Yourself with Jon Gosling on Eros EvolutionMartha welcomes Jon Gosling to discuss how we become disconnected from ourselves in modern society.  This disconnection usually comes from external sources such as our parents, other close relationships and society in general.

Jon has been on journey of self-discovery to learn what he truly wants and will be sharing his experience of his own journey to illustrate what is possible to achieve in anyone’s life. His journey has included overcoming the dark experiences of addiction, anger, avoidance, bereavement, denial, despair, divorce, disconnection from his body, depression, emotional anorexia, loneliness, low self-esteem, sexual repression and dysfunction, shame and touch isolation. Listen here.

Jon 2
Sept 1 – Episode 86: How to Worship the Goddess and Keep Your Balls with David Bruce Leonard, L.Ac.Author and Chinese Medicine practitioner David Bruce Leonard will discuss “Rivers of Love”, intimate therapeutic bodywork for lovers and “Shadows of Love”, maintaining emotional integrity in sexual relationships.

He will also touch on his concept of “Sacred Yes – Sacred No”, the connections between sacred sexuality, self defense, and the human nervous system. Listen here.


Aug 24 – Episode 85 – How to Create a Positively Pleasurable Relationship with Carl FrankelLife is challenging, relationships more so. In this interview, author and sex and relationships expert Carl Frankel discusses how to manage the inevitable conflicts in your relationship and co-create a connection that’s built on a positive attitude and skillful communicating. Listen here.


Aug 18 – Episode 84: Love After War: Supporting Disabled Veterans with Dr. Mitchell TepperDr. Martha Tara Lee welcomes Dr. Mitchell Tepper to discuss his new documentary, Making Love after Making War: Supporting Intimate Relationships for Injured Veterans and Their Families. Too many soldiers are returning home with catastrophic physical and mental wounds that leave them feeling unable to have intimate relationships. Many wounded warriors and their families haven’t been told that a healthy, satisfying sex life and even having children are possible for them. LoveAfterWar will show case real life examples of disabled veterans reclaiming healthy, fulfilling relationships despite their injuries and will raise awareness of the intimacy issues that disabled veterans face. Listen here. mitchell
Aug 11 – Episode 83: Raising Sexual Energy with Paul Bagge. Throughout history humans have sought to cultivate their sexual energy for a higher purpose. We will discuss how this has been done in the past, and some ways it is done today. We will talk about cultivating sexual energy for the purposes of healing, and then we can segway into what Paul is up to.

He is about to start touring the country teaching and certifying practitioners in Sensual Reiki – a new form of Reiki that he developed. It is a modality that begins to tap into our sexual energy to amplify the healing effects of traditional Reiki. Listen here.


Paul Bagge
Aug 4 –  Episode 82: Sex as a Sacred Journey from Womb to End of Life with Veronica Monet, ACS.As the founder of The Shame Free Zone, Veronica Monet is passionate about healing all shame but especially sexual shame.  As a Certified Sexologist she is on a mission to educate adults about their sacred sexual birthright. She will reveal the average age when most human children begin to masturbate and how our relationship with our sexuality changes over time, often in ways which are destructive to our well being. And she will provide clear steps for reclaiming our sacred sexual birthright, our shameless connection to our our sexual natures and the joy and passion which sexual energy infuses in every aspect of our lives. Listen here. veronica
July 28 – Episode 81: How to improve all your relationships (and becoming an amazing social human being). Martha Lee welcomes Sam Ryter on the show to talk about how you can improve all your relationships in your personal, your business and your social life in general. We live in a world where people are afraid to speak their truth. We rather try to impress each other than truly expressing ourselves. Sam Ryter is an expert in coaching people on how to reconnect to the world again, he will show you how you can find your inner gold, get clarity on your mission, to speak your truth and to become an amazing social human being – again. Listen here. Sam Ryter
July 21 – Episode 80: Masculinity and Femininity Explained.
In our modern-day society where men and women have equal rights and responsibilities in their workplace and relationship, what place is there for masculinity and femininity? Is it even relevant? If so, what does one need to know, and how can one apply the concepts and practices into their lives? Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee tells all in this episode of Eros Evolution. Don’t miss it! Listen here.
Dr. Martha Lee
July 14 – Episode 79: How to Have Synchronicity, Manifestation and Sex Magic In Your Life. Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching shares her personal manifestation stories and explains how the Law of Attraction works in her life. She maintains that we should all focus on being at our highest vibration at all times to have the best results in our lives. To change the world, we take responsibility to do what we can with what we have. Note: Show is choppy the first 10 minutes. Listen here. Dr. Martha Lee
July 7 – Episode 78: Blending your Pallet: Enlivening your Sex Life with Tantra and Kink by Dawn Beck and Gerald GatzIncorporate both Kink and Tantra to create a container to safely, passionately, and adventurously explore. We’ll take you beyond sexual identities, roles, and into deepening erotic experience. We will dispel the mystery and inspire the confidence so that you can become your own erotic artist. We will encourage you to tap into your sexual psyche to learn where your turn-on’s and edges are and how to manifest your deepest desires. Give yourself permission and tools to fully play and expand your sexual palette.

Learn ways to:

  • Blend practices from the art of Tantra and Kink
  • Expand beyond traditional labels and play with roles
  • Safely listen and communicate sexual needs, desires and fantasies
  • Heal and embrace your sexual self to bring more freedom and choice
  • Incorporate adult toys into your ‘love/play time’

Listen here.

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June 30 – Episode 77: The Divinely Empowered Woman with Elise Carr, MA.Martha welcomes Elise to explore the connection between the Yoni (female sexual organs), the heart and the mind of a woman. And how when these three parts are in sync; flowing and nourished you can become a Divinely Empowered Woman. Elise is passionate about the power women have within which often needs reawakening to reach its full potential. Elise will discuss practical ways to connect with your yoni, heart and mind to begin your personal journey of Empowerment. More here.


June 23 – Episode 76: God’s Callgirl and Healing from Abuse God’s Callgirl is the name of Carla van Raay’s memoir that has now sold over half a million copies around the world. It is a colourful story of a Catholic girl born in the Netherlands, who became a nun after migrating to Australia, stayed for 12 years and then left…to become a sex worker at the age of 34. Why did she do this? And what is she doing now? Carla is here today to answer those questions. She will speak about the major wounds are that are created by abuse and how this affects our sexual expression and our relationships. She will speak about what she did to heal herself and how others can learn from her. Along the way, she will treat us to some excerpts from God’s Callgirl, and from her current book, Healing from Abuse. She says: “I am 77, I have been on the healing journey since 1992, and now feel I am in a position to help others who are a few steps behind me.” Her aim is to create a wave of healing around the world, one person at a time. Listen here. Carla by Annei

June 16 – Episode 75: Missed my own radio show for the second time as I slept through two alarms!


June 9 – Episode 74: Sexuality and Spirituality – 5th Recap with Dr. Martha Tara Lee. This episode does a reflect-and-recap. Who have we had thus far? What have I learned about sexuality and spirituality?  What would I suggest for listeners out there? Listen here.
Dr. Martha Lee
June 2 –   Episode 73: Date Yourself with Tamra Mercieca from Getting Naked.Are you ready to live happily right NOW? Today’s guest Tamra Mercieca specialises in helping people clear their negative mind-chatter so they can supremely fall in love with themselves. She says when a person loves and accepts themselves unconditionally, they no longer feel ‘less than’, giving them the freedom to pursue their purpose in life. We’ll look at how to overcome the childhood conditioning keeping people stuck in life, how the brain in our heart is more powerful than the brain in our head, and why dating yourself is one of the best remedies for living fully. Listen here.


May 26 – Episode 72: Heads Up: Beyond the Blowjob with Dr Teesha Morgan.An in-depth talk about how to increase your sexual confidence, expand your sexual repertoire, and get the real low down on oral sex with Dr Teesha Morgan, Sex Therapist and Couples Counsellor. This talk will discuss communication strategies surrounding oral sex and different myths and misconceptions about fellatio, as well as tips and techniques that aren’t well known but are sure fire ways to ignite new forms of pleasure for both the giver and receiver. Listen here.


May 19 – Episode 71: Orgasmic Yoga: Where Masturbation Meet Meditation by Dr. Martha Tara Lee.Orgasmic Yoga is an intimate way of stretching our capacity for pleasure. The premise is that an individual engages in solo sex or self-pleasuring for 30 minutes a day (with 30 days recommended as a suitable duration). Besides recommending 30 unique daily practices, this episode will introduce you to seven tools to have a more ecstatic life: pelvic floor exercises, breath, sound, movement, touch, intention and fantasy.

Listen here.


Dr. Martha Lee
May 12 – Episode 70: How Can I Love My Partner Back to Save My Marriage? by Nina Potter.Nina reveals ways to be more open hearted both toward ourselves and others in order to improve all of our relationships. We have a 24/7 relationship with ourselves so how we feel and interact with ourselves is reflected in our interactions with others. Add in our inherent need for growth and learning; or our soul’s evolution, and we have a potent formula for creating a new experience of love in our life. Listen here.


May 5 – Episode 69: The Science of Sex and Spirit with Caffyn Jesse on Eros Evolution.Canadian Somatic Sex Education Caffyn Jesse claims that “Through the erotic we have a technology of profound joy. Sex is an art and craft through which we can apprehend and share a numinous reality, where we feel at one, at peace, and fully alive. This is not something that only happens in our minds; it is an embodied experience generated by touch, love, and neurochemistry.” In her interview with Martha Lee Caffyn will discuss aspects of her practice as a Somatic Sex Educator. She explains how simple practices and shifts in attitude can help us integrate sex and spirit, and live a commitment to joy in our lives and relationships. More here.


Caffyn Jesse Somatic Sex Educator
April 28 – Episode 68: Conscious Erotic Touch – Creating Connection and Flow for Couples with Yella Cremer.Learning how to touch can be so much fun! From her rich background in Tantric massage Yella developed tools for couples how to touch and connect erotically through touch. More here.


April 21 – Episode 67: Five Secrets to Pleasure and Connectedness with Dr. Mitchell Tepper. Dr. Martha Tara Lee welcomes Dr. Mitchell Tepper, Prophet of Pleasure, as they discuss pleasure, orgasm, trust, safety, connectedness, love, and desire to achieve ultimate satisfaction in your intimate relationships.  Insights to the following secrets that emerged from Dr. Tepper’s research on pleasure and orgasm in people with spinal cord injuries will be revealed: Pleasure is not merely a physical sensation; Orgasm happens not just between your legs; Trust, Safety and Connectedness matter more than movement or sensations; Intimate connection fuels desire; Love is an action not a feeling. More here.


April 14 – Episode 66: The Ritual of Play with Cleo Dubois.Cleo came out into SM play 30 years ago and found community, acceptance and healing in her relationships and erotic exchanges she had those who mentored her.  She was blessed  to be in the heart  of the San Francisco burgeoning leather community with writers like Pat now Patrick Califia, Gayle Rubin and Cynthia Slater, creator of the  Society of Janus – SM educational group. As an abuse survivor she found there a path to empowerment and self growth. In the mid to late 80s few women were visible and out o about kink, she was soon asked to teach at Leather conferences and community venues. She befriended gay men into leather – leathermen. When AIDS struck so many of them who survived used their SM and sexual practices as rituals to help deal with their grief. Loving and consensual BDSM became her practice. What she learned she taught and still doing it now that kink and fetishes are more accepted. She’s worked hard to make that happen and that work is not over. Shedding light on the common misconceptions about BDSM –  offering a healing path and seeing BDSM as therapeutic but is not therapy. Cleo is passionate about body rituals. Many kink practices fill that need to connect, to be ourselves fully. More here. cleo

April 7 – Episode 65: Orgasmic Running with Sarah Martin.

Dr Martha Tara Lee welcomes Sarah Martin to discuss the practice of Orgasmic Running. Sarah is passionate about finding creative ways to use sexual energy in service of our best possible health and well being. A key ingredient to that is to develop joyful practices full of fun and pleasure! With Dr Martha, she will discuss the potential for Orgasmic Running to radically transform the lives of women by releasing sexual shame and bringing mind and body together in a totally new way. Listen here.

Sarah Martin

Mar 31 – Episode 64: Talking Sex and Disordered Eating with August McLaughlin.

Martha welcomes August McLaughlin, host and creator of Girl Boner®, to explore disordered eating and its impact on sexuality. August overcame decades of poor body image and a severe eating disorder, which she was diagnosed with while working as an international model. With a back ground in nutritional science and recovery under her belt, August knows the complications of disordered eating and the bedroom, as well as ways to heal. Listen here.


Mar 24 – Episode 63: Awesome Anal Play with Charlie Glickman.Anal play is becoming more popular than ever. If you want to do it right, you need to know what to do and what to
not do. (Hint: don’t copy what you see in porn.) Sex & relationship coach Charlie Glickman PhD is an anal expert and he has lots of tips to share with you. Whether you want to be the giver or the receiver, he’ll make sure you have the info you need to make your anal play awesome! Listen to him here.
Mar 17 – Episode 62: Sexual Empowerment with Dr. Martha Tara Lee.What is sexual empowerment? How does one become sexually empowered? Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching, and host of Eros Evolution shares her sexual empowerment journey in this show, explains why it is important to be sexually empowered yourself, as well as gives suggestions of how you too can become more sexual empowered. Listen here. Dr. Martha Lee
Mar 10 – Episode 61: Urban Tantra with Barbara Carrellas.Urban Tantra as a modern Tantra practice—inclusive of and appropriate for everyone. We’ll talk about sex, gender, spirituality, the importance of ecstatic experiences, BDSM and why gender and sexual preferences are no longer limited to men and women. Listen here.
Barbara 132 Crystal Ball
Mar 3 – Episode 60: Sexuality and Spirituality – 4th Recap with Dr. Martha Tara Lee. This episode does a reflect-and-recap. Who have we had thus far? What have I learned about sexuality and spirituality?  What would I suggest for listeners out there? Listen here.
Dr. Martha Lee
Feb 25 – Episode 59 – Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Loving for Singles and Couples. Find out from Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz how to bring the Sacred of loving into either the relationship that you already have and/or how to invite a Beloved in.  We would cover topics of how Tantric practices of breath, sound, touch, chakra awakening, letting go of past trauma and opening to more trust and love can increase passion, sensation, Orgasm, intimacy, and Love.  In tantra, there are modalities of communication, touch, full body Orgasms for men and women, Ejaculatory Choice and Control for men, and also Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening from the Sacred Spot Massage (Internal G-spot massage for women, Internal anal massage for men). Bringing this education into your consciousness can bring more pleasure, intimacy, health, vitality, healing, awakening, and love… and more…. More here. NEW TSJ Photo resized (D&G with teak)
Feb 18 – Episode 58 – Getting the Kinks Out! Erotic Explorations with Eve Minax.Eve discusses the importance of recognizing and validating a plethora of sexual desires in order to become a more well rounded person. She feels that BDSM is a great place for personal growth and reclamation of self. Eve also believes that kink/bdsm can be considered more of an exploratory path than an oppositional one to normalized sexual practices. She also discusses her work in terms of  (Sexual) Psychic Waste Management, helping people find ways of integrating more connection, play, and intimacy in their lives. Listen here.


Feb 11 – Episode 57 – Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex with author Joan Price. Sex changes with age, but that doesn’t mean we can’t maintain (or regain) our sexual zest and enjoyment as our bodies age. You’ll want to hear Joan’s useful tips for enhancing your sexual arousal and satisfaction, whether you’re partnered or solo. We’ll talk about lack of desire, sex toys, safer sex, solo sex, erectile difficulties, dating at our age, and much more. Listen here.


Joan Price 2013 photo by Mark Bennington
Feb 4 – Episode 56 – Secret Intelligence of Relationships with Rob and Janelle Alex.Tired of the same old things in your relationship? Ready to break free from the routine of daily life? You can not only spice up your sex life, but you can consciously turn the mundane into interesting experiences. You can discover new things about yourself and your partner. Getting turned on isn’t just about physical excitement. It is about getting turned on mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You will laugh more, deepen the bond between the two of you, create lasting memories and, yes, you can create opportunities for fantastic lovemaking. Listen to it here.


rob n janelle alex
Jan 28 – Episode 55 – No One Wants Sex: So What Do We Really Want?Through my own sexual journey and through my clinical practice, I have found that, although many complain about not having sex, having less than desirable sex or wanting to have more and better sex, that’s not really what people want. Dr. Tangie will discuss what we all want when it comes to sexual realtionships. Listen here.


Jan 21 – Episode 54 – Love the Skin You Are In by Peter Petersen and Monique Darling.How to love every aspect of yourself From your body, to your heart, mind, and spirit. Let Peter and Monique take you on a journey of our best tips, tricks, and insider secrets of living a life well lived. Listen to it here.


monique peter
Jan 14 – Episode 53 – Building Your Sexual Solidarity Team with Dr. Liam ”captain” Snowdon. Frottage, Failure and Liberation. Where do we place our attention in 2016 if we are invested in our collective erotic liberation?

How can we play and celebrate failure as a way of decolonizing spiritual, bodies and minds? What can we “rub up against” that will change the world? What is a Sexual Solidarity Team? Who can be on it? How does Sexological Bodywork tie into this exploration for you? How has your gender journey effected your erotic journey? Listen to him here.


Jan 7 – Episode 52 – Sacred Pause: Gratitude for 2015 and Planning for 2016.Now that our holiday preparations and merry-making is over, let us remember to take a sacred pause to honor the wisdom of the deep darkness. If you feel positively allergic to rah-rah resolutions and frenetic goal-setting, here’s an antidote. Join me where we take a breath and align with our sacred center. Guided meditation and gentle inquiry into the year that’s passed and what you’re magnetizing in for 2016 – especially when it comes to sex! Listen here.


Dr. Martha Lee
Dec 31 – Episode 51 – How to Stay Passionately Connected with Your Partner for the LONG HAUL! with Relationship & Life Coaches, Luis Santiago and Janie Terrazas, owners of The Love Coaches.Most couples find it difficult to keep an open, honest line of communication with their partner especially when it comes to sex. Over time this creates underlying tension and resentment, which directly impacts the intimacy and passion. We believe it’s possible for couples to avoid becoming disconnected emotionally and sexually if they’re willing to make one another feel R.A.D.(respected, appreciated, desired) on a consistent basis. Listen to them here.


Dec 24 – Episode 50 – Rising in love with Pyasa Neko Siff.Are you afraid of the very thing that will give you the love connection you really want? The secret to a fulfilling relationship and satisfying sex is one and the same. Intimacy Coach and certified Somatic Sexologist, Pyasa Neko Siff, wants to inspire you to cultivate the keys that will help keep your relationship fresh and growing. Join Dr. Martha Tara Lee in her discussion with Pyasa as they investigate the most common relationship obstacle that stands in the way of long lasting love. Learn how to navigate your love relationships with simple tools and approaches that will enrich your life and lead you on a path toward self-realization. Listen to her here.


Dec 17 – Episode 49 – Sexual Empowerment as Sexual Bliss with Ava Durga.Martha chats with Ava Durga about the importance of continuing to learn and explore our sexuality as adults, and ways to expand your knowledge without leaving home. Ava is the founder and director of Creative Sexuality Education Corp., a virtual “school” where independent sexologists and experts can teach classes and workshops online for adults anywhere in the world. Link here.


Ava Head Shot Black
Dec 10 – Episode 48 – Bringing Sex Positivity to Poland by Dr Agata Loewe.Agata Loewe is a founder of Sex Positive Institute in Poland, which is an international institution. Her goal is to create a safe space where sex can be learnt and experienced in a safe, consensual, responsible and conscious way. Agata tries to incorporate all kind of sex teachings under one big multidisciplinary umbrella of sexology. Space, where tantra practitioners can meet with BDSM and kink communities or LGBTQIA and polyamorous constellations. We exchange experiences between professionals and enthusiasts of sex who didn’t get the formal sex ed. This initiative is quite unusual for Europe and especially predominantly Christian Catholic Poland. Listen to her here!


Dec 3 – Episode 47: Getting the Sex You Want with Charlie Glickman PhD, Sex & Relationship Coach. What would it be like if you could have the sex you really, really want? Can you imagine making that happen? Charlie Glickman PhD is an author, a somatic sex educator and a sex & relationship coach, and he wants to help you overcome shame and embarrassment, find new ways to talk with your partner(s), discover how new ways to experience pleasure, and enhance every aspect of your sex life! Listen to him here.


Nov 26 – Episode 46: Sexuality and Spirituality – 3rd Recap with Dr. Martha Tara Lee. This episode does a reflect-and-recap. Who have we had thus far? What have I learned about sexuality and spirituality?  What would I suggest for listeners out there? Click here to listen.


Dr. Martha Lee
Nov 19 – Episode 45: The World of Sexuality Education with Bill Taverner.Join us for discussion with Bill Taverner, Executive Director of the Center for Sex Education, which hosts the National Sex Ed Conference held every year in New Jersey, USA in December. Bill will talk about this year’s conference, which features many of the world’s leading experts in sexuality education, addressing a spectrum of sexual topics for all ages. Listen here.



Nov 12 – Episode 44: Due to tech difficulties, there was no show this week! 🙁


Nov 5 – Episode 43: How do we talk about sex? with Laura-Doe. Intimate connection through love making can be one of the most pleasurable, fulfilling and sacred experiences in adult life. But due to taboos, shame and discomfort many of us find it hard to speak about our needs, desires and experience.   Pleasure & embodiment coach and sexuality educator, Laura-Doe will talk about why it is so important to overcome any challenges and how and when to best talk about sex, both to our children and to our lovers and friends. Listen to her here. LD&CushSQ
Oct 29 – Episode 42: Sex with Timaree: Edu-tainment on the Most Important Topic of All. Dr Timaree brings a rational, sex-positive, intersectional, feminist, body-loving, empirically-based perspective on sexuality and cheerleads for everyone to feel as enthusiastic about the topic as she is. Listen to her here.


Timaree Schmit
Oct 22 – Episode 41: Empowering Your Erection with Rebecca Lowrie, The Sexual Alchemist.Rebecca will talk about her new Empowering Your Erection Digital Program that you can do from home. Rebecca has worked with over 2000 men in the last 10 years and has now created a home program to help men with erection issues. Whether you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction or just want to gain confidence with your erection, this program is for you. Rebecca is passionate about helping men explore and expand who they are as sexual beings so they are fully empowered in all areas of their lives. Listen to her here.


Rebecca Lowrie
Oct 15 – Episode 40: Sex as currency: How sex is used for unbalanced power and how we can fix it with DrTanginika Cuascud. Dr. Tangie explains how sex is the most powerful currency, used to gain and wield unbalanced power within relationships, culture, politics and religion. Dr. Tangie dissects the transactional aspect of sex in relationships, whether marital, professional or faith-based. She helps individuals understand this transactional manifestations in their sexuality and sexual relationships. Most importantly, how to restore that balance by empowering instead of powering through sex is her mission. Listen to her here.


Oct 8 – Episode 39: This One is for the Men with Dr. Martha Tara Lee.Premature ejaculation, erectile difficulties, delayed ejaculation and low sex drive are some of the issues men come to Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee for. In this episode, she will be explaining the differences as well as share what she does in her work with the men who come in to seek her coaching services. Click here.


Dr. Martha Lee
Oct 1 – Episode 38: Vaginismus: A Virgin’s Curse? with Dr. Martha Tara Lee.Vaginismus is a condition that happens when a woman’s vagina shuts down making sex difficult or impossible. This debilitating condition appears to happen to one in ten women, affecting their sexual lives, relationships and fertility. This show explains what vaginismus is, what Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee does in her work with more than 300 women with vaginismus, and her tips and suggestions for couples. Listen to her here.


Dr. Martha Lee
Sept 24 – Episode 37: Embodying Emotional Liberation with Joanne Ameya.Joanne Ameya is most passionate about helping women remember the ways of the Feminine while making choices that are most resonant with their hearts. She invites women to move from their past wounds and hurts so that they may live a life of expressed heart desires. She will discuss how women get caught in a state of rupture and what practices and flower essences can help her live in rapture. Listen to her here.


JoanneCohen-409 copy
Sept 17 – Episode 36: Finding Self Love with Lee Harrington.In a world where we speak about our relationships and love for others, it is important to examine where our relationship with ourselves comes into play. This show will examine how we get to know ourselves, internal self-abusive dialogue, building success with others through self-affirmation, and taking ourselves out on dates as a way to live a more fulfilling life through deeper awareness of life and love alike. Listen to him here.


Sept 10 – Episode 35: Sexual Esteem with Jean Franzblau. Martha welcomes Jean Franzblau to explore the elements that make up sexual esteem. Jean defines sexual esteem as “confidence in the worth of one’s sexuality.” Life events that can lower sexual esteem can include being the member of a sexual minority, religious influences, genital shaming during childhood and adolescence or traumatic sexual experiences. Luckily there are just as many interventions that can help claim, build and celebrate sexual esteem and Jean will share them with us. Listen to her here.


Sept 3 – Episode 34: Designer Relationships: Sharing Tools to Create and Nurture the Relationship You Desire with Michaels & Johnson.Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson, multi-award winning authors of Partners in Passion and Great Sex Made Simple suggest that contemporary relationships are in a state of rapid evolution. These changes can and should empower people, providing the opportunity to develop partnerships based on their own circumstances, sexualities, understandings, and agreements. In Designer Relationships, Michaels and Johnson offer offer a new paradigm that emphasizes mutuality, a collaborative mindset, empathy, and transparency. They invite us to think outside the open-closed, monogamous-nonmongaoums box. Designer Relationships is also replete with how-to suggestions and exercises. According to Patricia and Mark, designer relationships can encompass: people who bond emotionally but not sexually; people who agree to be non-exclusive; happily single people who have occasional lovers or friends with benefits; multiple partner configurations where long-term bonds exist among all or some; partnerships in which people are kinky and that make room to explore kink, among many others. Designer Relationships provides you with the tools to recognize and then craft a way of loving that works for you. Listen here.


michael and johnson
Aug 26 – Episode 33: Holy Body: The Art of Self Loving with Rev. Goddess Charmaine The Sensuous Mystic.Self love and mystical masturbation plays a major role in our spiritual development. A daily meditative self-pleasuring ritual can bring healing and empowerment to our bodies, spirits and the world around us.

  • Openly discuss their personal relationship to their body and how it developed
  • Identify and transmute belief systems and programming that limits pleasure and erotic connection to self
  • Set personal intentions that expand the body/spirit container for pleasure
  • Learn self-pleasuring and masturbation ritual techniques for self-loving
  • Explore Fantasy Spirit to incorporate imagination and visulization in self-loving rituals
  • Create a daily Sensual Self- Pleasuring Ritual you can begin using right away! Listen here.
Goddess Charmaine
Aug 20: Episode 32 – How to Be a Hot and Hypnotic Lover with Amy Marsh, Ed.D., DHS, CH, CI, ACS.Martha welcomes Amy Marsh for a second, very provocative discussion about the uses of hypnosis for sexual intimacy and pleasure. As a clinical sexologist and certified hypnotist, Amy is passionate about the value of hypnosis as a clinical tool, as well as a form of sexual and sensual enjoyment for lovers. In this show, Amy will focus on how you can use hypnosis to increase pleasure, sensation, and fantasy enjoyment in your own relationships. Listeners will even experience a brief sample of fantasy hypnosis. Listen here.


Amy Marsh
Aug 13 – Episode 31:  Sexuality and Spirituality – Recap with Dr. Martha Tara Lee. This episode does a reflect-and-recap. Who have we had thus far? What have I learned about sexuality and spirituality?  What would I suggest for listeners out there? Listen here.


Dr. Martha Lee
Aug 6 – Episode 30: Love Making Dances: Spirit, Dance, & Sex with Zahava Griss.From age 2 to 22 dance teachers were the ones who taught Zahava to be in awe of the body. She joins us for a conversation about spirit, dance, and sex through the moving sensing body. Learn how intention, breath, and movement can transform emotions, presence us for meaningful intimacy, and connect us with a collective life force. Creating a felt sense of our power and self-knowledge can allow us to deconstruct the race, class, and gender messages directed at our bodies so we can embody self love independent of the ways society ranks us. Listen here.


July 30 – Episode 29: Make Love the Ecology of your Life! with SerenaGaia. As a humanist, Serena believes that the arts and humanities are the sciences that help us invent the belief systems we need. The 20th century has been the century of anxiety, the most violent century when humanity has become too powerful for our own good. Now we clearly need a new belief system. Ecosexuality is a way to invent this new belief system as it teaches that love is the ecology of life. Love is what everyone wants and most people feel they are unable to produce. Listen here.


July 23 – Episode 28: Gender and Trans Talk with Lee Harrington.What are the differences between sex, gender, orientation, sexual behavior, romance and intimacy, relationship styles? This show will discuss Caitlyn Jenner who is being declared by some as a transgender leader, trans terminology and look at how gender and sexuality awareness (of self and others) is an opportunity for personal evolution and compassion practice. Listen here!


July 16 – Episode 27: Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction with Dr Marlene Wasserman.Dr Marlene Wasserman (or Dr Eve) has just released her latest book: ”Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction”. Utilizing the database of, the world’s largest dating site for married people, Marlene brings to you cutting edge findings on what is cyber infidelity, why people commit it, how women behave online and discusses the future of #Sextech’s role in relationships. Come chat with her and consider your current use of technology and the impact it has on your significant relationship. Listen to her here.


Dr Eve
July 9 – Episode 26: The Emergence of a Modern Tantric Goddess in Therapeutic Practice – Exposing Sexuality Myths & Healing Shame with Taryn Harvey.Taryn Harvey is passionate about bringing the topic of sex and intimacy out into the open, specifically around the area of sexual dysfunction & abuse; plus how to live a healthy fulfilling sexual life when single – or in a relationship with a partner who may be seriously ill.  Her practice and coaching is all about empowerment for the individual. She highlights that body image issues create huge discrepancies in both men and women when it comes to confidence in mating, dating, relating and ageing. Self-esteem and communication skills are key in creating healthy sex lives full of passion and fun! More here.


Taryn Harvey 2015
July 2 – Episode 25: The Art & Science of Female Arousal with Laura-Doe.Pleasure & embodiment coach and sexuality educator, Laura-Doe will discuss the physical, emotional and spiritual importance of pleasure, particularly for those in a female body.  Laura-Doe is passionate about supporting people to understand and to cultivate the potent healing power of their sexual energy. She is in the final stages of production of a documentary seminar called The Art & Science of Female Arousal and hopes to make this much needed information available to singles and couples worldwide as well as to young people through schools and colleges. Listen to her here.


June 25 – Episode 24: How Entrepreneurs and Executives Can Thrive by Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality Into Their Lives with Sharon Hayes.Martha welcomes Sharon Hayes to share the reasons why entrepreneurs and executives overlook integrating sexuality and spirituality into their every day lives and the toll this can take. With Martha, Sharon will look at the myths surrounding this and offer listeners some simple strategies to re-prioritize sexuality and spirituality to ultimately live a more balanced and happier life. Further discussion will go deeper into specifics for women who may find it challenging to get and keep the alpha and beta balance. Listen to it here.


June 18 – Episode 23: The Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life with Dr Kat Van Kirk.Dr Kat will discuss her book based on the sex therapy program she has developed over the past 14 years, working with hundreds of clients. There are 5 tenants of The Married Sex Solution: 10 minutes per day of body to body; Quantity over quality; No performing to get to the “Big O”; Focus on make out sex; 2 minute check in talks. Listen here.


June 11 – Episode 22:  Balance the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine with Robyn Vogel, Come Back To Love Coach and Psychotherapist.One transformational part of Tantra practice is learning to align and re-balance the divine masculine and divine feminine inside ourselves. The benefits of this balancing are tremendous and include:  more energy and less fatigue, releasing fear and coming back to love, improving relationships so there’s less conflict and more understanding, expanding sexual pleasure and, creating a viable business model that isn’t simply a healing practice but also lucrative business. Listen to her here!


June 4 – Episode 21:  Self Pleasure your way to Self Love with Elise Savaresse. Martha welcomes Elise Savaresse to discuss how women can use Self Pleasure as a spiritual practice to come back home to themselves. Elise believes that having a self-pleasure pratice is the fastest way to self-love. She is passionate about supporting women to stop looking outside of themselves for their sense of self-worth, safety and love. With Martha, she will reveal what is truly possible for women when they connect with themselves with full presence and love. Listen to her here.


Elise 2
May 28 – Episode 20:  Repressed Sexuality In The 21 Century with Rev. Paul Bagge.Paul discusses the causes and affects or Repressed Sexuality on today’s women. Where it came from and it’s hinderences on sexual growth and personal empowerment. Tips on opening up sexually and empowering that growth are given. Possible avenues of exploration and discovery are also discussed. Listen to it here.


Paul Bagge
May 21 – Episode 19: Reimagining Intimacy – How Hypnosis Helps Dysfunction, Increases Pleasure with Amy Marsh, Ed.D., DHS, CH, CI, ACS.Martha welcomes Amy Marsh for a provocative discussion of sexological and erotic hypnosis. As a clinical sexologist and certified hypnotist, Amy is passionate about the value of hypnosis as a clinical tool, as well as a form of sexual and sensual enjoyment for lovers. Amy will discuss her work as the founder of a professional school offering rigorous training in sexological hypnosis. She’ll also share her experiences teaching erotic hypnosis to lovers. Further discussion will delve into the realm of erotic imagination and sexual energy and why this realm is easy to explore with hypnosis. Listen to her here.


Amy Marsh
May 14 – Episode 18: Let Nature Inspire the Arts of Love with Lindsay Hagamen.Martha welcomes Lindsay Hagamen to share about the ways that we can look to Nature to enhance our relationship with our own sexuality, and, in the process, grow a more sustainable relationship with the planet. Lindsay is a lover of the Earth and is inspired by the ways that our most beloved ecosystems can help us reclaim the power and pleasure of our sexuality. With Martha, Lindsay will explore how Lover Earth can seduce us back into our bodies and help us create an erotic life that is more free, more abundant and more sustainable. Listen to it here. lindsay9_14
May 7 – Episode 17: Sexuality and Spirituality with Felicia Hunt.We are born Spiritual beings and we learn that we are having physical experiences. We also were born Sexual beings and we are that from the cradle to the grave. But the age we were born into hides our true purpose from us because of historical, social, religious and political purposes our authentic self was lost. We are all on our journey of completion. It takes connecting to our sexual and spiritual selves. Listen to it here.


April 30 – Episode 16: Sexuality and Spirituality – Recap with Dr. Martha Tara Lee. This episode does a reflect-and-recap. Who have we had thus far? What have I learned about sexuality and spirituality?  What would I suggest for listeners out there? Listen to it here.
Dr. Martha Lee
April 23 – Episode 15: Exploring Your Direct Connection To The Divine with M’kali-Hashiki, Erotic Wellness Facilitator.Why is sexuality a path to that connection, and why is that connection so important? Join us for an evocative conversation about our bodies, our pleasure, and our gods with M’kali-Hashiki, an Erotic Wellness Facilitator based in a Oakland, California, US. Listen to it here.


April 16 – Episode 14: Your Sexuality is a gift- Unwrap it! with Diane Merpaw.Sexuality is your natural birthright. Unfortunately , many are unable to fully embrace this natural and innate gift because of wounds such as shame, guilt, limited beliefs and/or trauma. Join us for a insightful conversation with Diane Merpaw, Professional Sex Coach and Spiritual Teacher who will share with you some tips, tools and strategies on how to unleash the sex goddess within you. Listen to it here!


Diane S Merpaw
April 9 – Episode 13: Exploring God as Eros with Rev Beverly DaleChristianity has emphasized the shame and guilt of our sexual needs and desires so much that even those who are religious or Christian are still wonder if a person of faith can legitimately celebrate sexual pleasure and sexual freedom? But the Rev. Beverly Dale challenges all sex negativity with a different view of the Christian message. She says it is time to celebrate the sexual body! Listen to it here. Beverly Dale
April 2 – Episode 12: Sexuality in Hip Hop Music and Culture with Kitty PrideHip Hop is a cultural phenomenon that has inspired the entire world. Even with its inspiration, it has been controversial with sexually suggestive and misogynistic lyrics and imagery that has caused concerned for many people. However, at the same time, Hip Hop has been a culture that has been organized without further understanding of sexuality and how it affects, stimulates, and fits in. Kitty Pride will offer her synopsis of the history of sexuality in Hip Hop, where it is currently, and where she would like to see it go in the future. She will offer insight on how Hip Hop culture can be educated while influencing tolerance and responsibility. Listen to it here! Kitty Pride
Mar 26 – Episode 11: Receptivity: Stop blocking yourself and finally get what you want, with Sally Reeves Conway. Have you ever prayed, wished, asked, or worked for something–(whether with love, money, health, happiness, or spiritual connection)— and it’s gotten so close, but didn’t quite come to realization for you? Many people have a difficult time fully receiving, and you could be unknowingly blocking all the good that’s trying to come to you. Discover 3 easy tools you can use to increase your ability to receive more of what your heart desires. Listen to it here. sally
Mar 19 – Episode 10: Authentic Sexuality and Sacred Kink with Lee Harrington.With the fictionalized story of 50 Shades having caught the public eye, let’s examine the rich and surprising crossover of authentic kinky sex with sacred journeys. How can we use these real-life tools for deep connection with self and others while following our own personal truths. Join us for a thoughtful and exciting discussion with spirituality and sexuality teacher and author Lee Harrington. Listen to it here!


Mar 12 – Episode 9: Transcendent Lovemaking™ with Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D.Your sex life can become a gateway to spirit and to guidance from beyond. Synchronistic events, serendipities, heightened confidence, enhanced creativity, improved problem-solving skills – all of these can begin to show up in your daily life when you experience Transcendent Lovemaking™ with intent. Join us as spiritualty and relationship experts, Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D., share with you how you can begin to experience this. Listen to it here!


Mar 5 – Episode 8: Feminine, Present & Spiritual with Rachael Jayne Groover. Is it possible to be feminine, present and spiritual all at the time time? During this interview you will learn from Rachael Jayne Groover:• The link between feeling feminine, present, powerful and being spiritual
• The four most important keys to creating a powerful feminine presence that magnetizes people to you.
• How to go from being shy or afraid of putting yourself “out there,” to being able to feel your fear, and not have it stop you anymore!
• Feel more confident with receiving positive attention. Listen to it here.
Rachael Jayne
Feb 26 – Episode 7: The Five Keys to A Happy Sex Life with Dr. Patti Britton.Dr. Patti will share her unique model for unblocking the stuck places in your sex life. She will share her approach using the “MEBES matrix” so that you can identify where you are stuck and move past those issues in your own life. She will also describe examples of people she has helped and reveal the magic she has brought into people’s lives as the pioneer of sex coaching in the world. Listen to it here. patti britton
Feb 19Episode 6: From Sex to Super Consciousnesses – Turning Ordinary Lovemaking into Sexual Meditation with Lorae Lauritch, CSB.What is sexual meditation? How is Sexual meditation different than love making? And can sexual meditation really help us become enlightened beings?Join us for an inspiring conversation blending modern psychology, ancient wisdom and real life spirituality with Sacred Sexuality Coach Lorae Lauritch, CSB. Listen to it here.
Lorae Lauritch

Feb 12 – Episode 5: Replay of episode 4 as I missed my own radio show!


Feb 5 – Episode 4: Owning Your Powerful Sexuality to Manifest Money with Diana Bonwick.As woman we are biologically driven to create. Unfortunately most women are energetically disconnected from their creative force, their sexuality today. How can we utilise this powerful life force/sexual energy to create financial abundance in our life? How can we as woman feel sensual, alive and juicy and be a feminine leader in our field of expertise? Listen to it here.


Diana Bonwick-Diana Bonwick-0010
Jan 29 – Episode 3: Tantra: Can Sex be a Spiritual Path? with Laurie Handlers.What is tantra? Can tantra sex be a spiritual path? This show explores that with Laurie Handlers, film producer, sex educator and the author of Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy. Listen to it here.


Laurie Handlers
Jan 22 – Episode 2: Exploring Sexuality and Spirituality with Dr. Martha Tara Lee. Host of Eros Evolution and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching, Dr. Martha Tara Lee explains her intention for this show and shares her own stories and understanding around sexuality and spirituality. In this show, Dr. Lee introduces sexological bodywork, Medabation (coined by Annie Sprinkle) and Orgasmic Yoga (by Joseph Kramer). She invites listeners to explore their own attitudes, thoughts and beliefs around their sexuality, as well as the link between sexuality and spirituality for themselves. Listen here. Dr. Martha Lee

Jan 15 – Episode 1: Sex and Sexuality with Lawrence Lanoff.

What is it that makes us feel so badly in our bodies and minds when we consider our free flowing sexual energy? Why is it so difficult to get our deeper needs met and still feel spiritual? Join Dr. Martha Tara Lee as she discusses the answers to these questions with Lawrence Lanoff. Listen here.



About Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Surrounded by friends who were sexually inhibited and struck by dire lack of positive conversations around sex and sexuality in Singapore, Dr. Martha Tara Lee decided to take it upon herself to right this societal injustice in 2007. She set out to make a positive difference in embarking on her doctorate in human sexuality, then launching Eros Coaching in 2009. Today, she remains dedicated to working with individuals and couples who wish to lead self-actualised and pleasure-filled lives.

She also holds certificates in counselling, coaching and sex therapy, and is currently pursuing her fourth degree – a Masters in Counselling. In practice for more than seven years, she is the only certified sexuality educator by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) in Singapore.

Often cited in the local media, Dr. Lee is the appointed sex expert for Men’s Health Singapore, and Men’s Health Malaysia. She was recognised as one of ‘Top 50 Inspiring Women Under 40′ by Her World in July 2010, and one of ‘Top 100 Inspiring Women’ by CozyCot in March 2011. She is the host of weekly radio show Eros Evolution on the OMTimes Radio Network. She has published two books: Love, Sex and Everything In-Between, and Orgasmic Yoga.

Martha works with individuals and couples in private coaching sessions, and conducts her own workshops. She takes prides in making sure all her workshops are also fun, educational, and sex-positive. This comes easily to her because even though she is extremely dedicated and serious about her work, she fundamentally believes that sex is meant to be fun, wonderful, amazing and sacred. As such, this serious light-heartedness has shone through again and again. For her full profile, click here. Email her here.




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