Services I vouch for

These are individuals/ companies I know personally and vouch for. If you plan to purchase their services/ products, please mention ‘Eros Coaching’ and you might get a one-time discount.

Annabelle Studio – Facial and body care studio at The Adelphi (Am a customer)

Bellydance Discovery Studio – Biggest belly dance school in Singapore (Was a student)

Callan Tham – Did my new portrait photos (Am a client/ marketing partner)

Choo Led Sin Clinic – Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist (Am a client)

Dr. Tan & Partners – For anonymous HIV testing, and men’s health (We are partners)

Geek Lab – Full service for personal computers/ laptops (Am a client)

U4Ria – Professional, friendly and educational oriented sex shop (I refer all my clients to them)

Webdesignspring – Web & Graphic Design services (Designer of Eros Coaching brochures and website)


New School of Erotic Touch – Learn online how to have greater sensuality in your life

Hay House – Leading publisher of motivation and self development products

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