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With Martha’s constant encouragement, and our progressive tryings, we finally had our first penetrative sex about 8 months after our first session with Martha, it was a great achievement to us, but at the same time we know that we were lucky to have Martha who is knowledgeable, patient, supportive and encouraging.. without her help we would never be able to achieve what we have achieved today.Would want to recommend Martha to everyone who has this problem, I am sure with her knowledge, patience, support and encouragement you will be able to overcome vaginismus the soonest.Thanks Martha. Sincerely wish you to keep up your great work and may you be able to reach out more people who are like me. Thank you.


A Very Satisfied Customer


I’ve been married for 10 years and never really had sex due to the pain I experience. I’ve been suffering in silence all these years as I do not know where to seek help. I went to a doctor in a local hospital a few years ago but that didn’t help at all. All the doctor advised was for me to try to relax and do the kegel exercises… sex was still a pain.

I went to see Martha in Jan this year. I wasn’t sure initially if she could really help me. But I thought, I have to give it a try. Throughout the whole session she made me feel very comfortable and at ease. And I still wasn’t sure if I could have sex successfully after the sessions with her. Not that I was not confident with her or doubt her abilities…I wasn’t sure if I could do it. But she gave me lots of encouragement and assured me that I could do it just like any other women. I listened attentively in the 2 sessions I had with her and did the exercises she told me to. After just 2 sessions, I did it! I had sex for the first time! It was an emotional and beautiful experience. It was painful and uncomfortable initially but as we move along, it became easier and more pleasurable. Now, I look forward to sex… I don’t have to turn away from sex due to pain anymore.

I thank Martha from the bottom of my heart. With her help I became a real women… she changed our lives… she strengthen my relationship with my husband.



Before i met Martha, sex always a nightmare for me. After married for one year plus, having sex become a most stress issue in my marriage. Always feel pain, scare and tired for keep trying, but always end with crying and upset.

Until I read an article about that lot of woman having same problem like what I had facing, and that’s the first time I knew Martha from the magazine, I decided to give a try to seek for her help. Through out the first session, she try her best to understand my problems and my worries, then encourage me make me feel that there is a hope that I can overcome this problem, as long as I follow her instruction, doing kegel exercises with the understanding how to make myself relax, slowly then I should be able to overcome it.

After first session, Martha always follow up my status by email and encourage me if have any problem not sure can just give her a call. After second session, finally me and my husband manage to have sex for the first time! I still feel painful and not really comfortable but at least it was no longer a barrier for me. As long as I keep practicing those exercises, it will become better and I would be able to enjoy more for my sex life.

Really appreciate Martha for helping me to become a real woman, and enjoy good quality sex life without pain and fear

Anonymous Lady


My hubby and I went to see Dr Martha when we couldn’t consummate our marriage even after 3 years. As you can imagine as a woman I don’t feel great especially when I can see that my hubby can function fine in bed. Martha remained available for me in the following 2-3 years to come, as I email her.

Once, I feel very depressed because more than a year after seeing Martha, penetration still seem impossible, although there was some progress. I wanted to go see Martha a second time, but she was very sweet and offered a phone call instead. Though short, it was an effective chat. Martha encouraged and educated us. Through her, I understand more fully what’s going on with my body and how the body can be taught and conditioned. She also was comfortable enough to recommend another professional, a psychotherapist, to me in the midst of my process, and this played a part in my success.

Above all, through these years, I know for a fact Martha is truly genuine and sincere, trustworthy and professional. I share this because I hope that you never feel too hopeless to seek help. It’s after a long time that my hubby and I achieved what many couples take for granted. If I thought my situation was too hopeless to receive help, this day would not have come.

Anonymous Lady, 20 April 2016


Just thought to share the good news with you that we managed to do it the full way, without pain, which I was very surprised. Think it’s really psychological. There was a little bit of discomfort initially getting it all the way in but after when we tried again, no pain.

I think all of the explained during the session and as summarized below did help with the actual act.Am very happy. Thank you once again for all your helpful advice and tips. It really helped!

Anonymous Lady, 12 June 2017


I did not know that i was suffering from Vaginismus until I was 27 years old when i was attempting to have sex with my then boyfriend who has now become my husband. Did not know what to do and we chose to delay seeking treatment due to some unfortunate and stressful things happening in my family 2 years ago. Have been married for 6 months now and during our 1st few months of trying we still could not get over Vaginismus and went to seek treatment in one of the women hospitals. However, i have only went for the 1st visit as i was screaming inside the room when the gyne was trying to insert his finger. I was asking myself why cant i be as normal as other ladies to have penetrative sex? Then one week later after the hospital visit, we went to see Dr Martha Lee for the 1st time and not going back to hospital visit.

She is someone who is encouraging and professional. She went through relaxation exercises, physical exercises, pelvic exercises and we practice them regularly. If we have any questions, she was prompt to reply to them.

Within 2 visits with Martha and two months later, we were able to have successful penetrative sex! I still feel pain and uncomfortable but I know that i have finally overcome with Vaginismus. As long as we continue to practice what she has taught and get used to it, the experience with sex will get more comfortable.

My husband and I would like to thank Martha for helping us to get over one of the greatest hurdles of our lives. Great job Martha!



When I first met Martha, I knew she would be someone I could talk to openly without having to censor myself or worry about being judged. She herself is a woman who can speak to people on many different levels, as I’ve observed, while always remaining true to who she is. She is open and candid, funny and smart, sensitive and compassionate. All these things made me comfortable in approaching her in the first place.I had been suffering in silence for years and after meeting Martha, felt for the first time in my 28 years, like there was light at the end of the tunnel. Not only did she address all the issues I presented her with, she was 100 percent successful in helping me get over them!




Dr Martha is very professional in her way of dealing which make me feel very comfortable about in sharing with her. At first I was quite worried that things will be very awkward as this is my first time attending but Dr Martha made me feel very welcome when I met her personally. She is very calm and understanding, and she really tries her best to share her knowledge with you, assuring you that you are not alone in the world. She really is a good listener that you will need at one of your lowest peak. Thanks Dr Martha!

Female who overcame vaginisums in two sessions, 22


Martha was a big help to my husband and I. She listened when we told her our story of not being able to have sex even though we tried, and gave us great professional tips on how to do it. She was also dedicated and followed up in emails. And today, my husband and I have a healthy sex life. I sincerely recommend anyone who thinks they need help in this area to go to Martha. She CAN help you.

Anonymous Lady, 15 July 2017


Martha is someone whom you can share your darkest bedroom secrets with. She is always approachable, encouraging and positive. Martha has her own way of making any task less daunting and hence more achievable.

Taking the first step is always not easy and may be difficult for some. I was glad that I took the first step to meet and discuss with Martha my condition at a one-to-one session. Eros Coaching has helped me to overcome vaginismus – a condition that indirectly drains away my self-esteem, confidence and womanhood. I was determined to establish and find back the lost intimacy with my spouse.

Through the wide range of programs and activities offered by Eros Coaching, as well as the comprehensive discussions with Martha, I gained more confidence in overcoming the condition. I am very thankful to know Martha and will always be grateful to her. I strongly recommend Eros Coaching to anyone.

Anonymoys Lady, February 2012


We are finally able to have penetrative sex! Really really big big thanks to you! =D

It wasn’t smooth all the time, but it’s definitely getting easier and more pleasurable =). It still hurt a bit for him whenever he tried to go in, but once it was in it wouldn’t hurt anymore. Also him would usually take some time before he could ejaculate, and we were not always successful with ejaculation inside. Any idea how we can make it easier?

And we have been trying to conceive – hopefully we can share with you the good news really soon!


Anonymous female, 14 Dec 2014


Before we met you, we really know very little about sex and we have great difficulty doing it. My wife felt pain and both of us were worry and a little frustrated.

It was really helpful that you taught us about the whole process, our body, our fear, and helped us set right expectation for our initial sessions. My wife followed the exercises and after 3-4 times, her fear reduced and both of us can progress and help each other.

After about 4 months, we finally can have sex successfully, and we felt a huge relief. Now if we have some difficulties, we still remind ourselves what you said, that sex is fun and it doesn’t have to be painful or stress, then we can learn to relax.

We are grateful that we meet you. Thanks for teaching and encouraging us, we hope other couples with same difficulty can overcome it.



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