Against Marital Rape

Posted On: July 16, 2009

Afghanistan’s government has revised a law that drew international condemnation for condoning marital rape but the reformed version still requires a woman to satisfy her husband’s desires. Read article here.

Closer to home in Singapore, a ‘No To Rape‘ online petition is being coordinated by a team of concerned Singaporeans who have come together for the single purpose of promoting change on this issue. The team is not a formal organisation and its members have no shared agenda beyond addressing sexual violence.

The campaign advocates one simple idea: sexual violence by any person, against any person, is criminal violence. Consequently, non-consensual sexual penetration, regardless of whether the victim and perpetrator are married to each other, should be treated as rape.

I love the site especially the ‘Promote’ section with ready-made leaflets in poster and flyer sizes, and an Activist Toolkit containing suggestions and resources for creating change.


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