Can you Imagine Hugh Jackson as a Dancer?

Posted On: August 6, 2009

Hugh Jackman wanted to be a dancer when he was a child but gave up the dream after his older brother accused him of being gay.

The 40-year-old X-Men Origins: Wolverine star who was then 11 said he dropped dancing like a hot rock. He later regretted the decision and felt there was nothing shameful about dancing.

Can you imagine Hugh Jackson as a dancer? I can. He would have been absolutely amazing!

Have you ever forgone your heart’s desire because of what somebody said? Whose life is it anyway? Have you in your heart of hearts pinned for something so bad that you went ahead and did it anyway in despite of what the world said, and was stronger for it?

Be true to yourself. The cost of not doing so, sometimes at the price of your soul, is so not worth it. Besides sex coaching, I do life coaching. Talking through your options, in a non-judgmental and safe space, can make a difference in your decisions.


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