Most Singaporeans Divorce Within First 9 Years of Marriage

Posted On: December 12, 2009

Latest figures from the Singapore Department of Statistics showed that more than half of divorces in Singapore occur within the first nine years of marriage.

Among non-Muslim couples, 36 per cent of those who get divorced typically do so between five and nine years, while 12.6 per cent of divorces take place within five years after marriage. And in contrast, among Muslim couples, 32.7 per cent of divorces happen within the first five years of marriage. Marriages that last only five to nine years account for 27.2 per cent of divorces.

Statistics showed that there has been a light dip in divorce rates between 2007 and 2008. Additionally, 7,241 divorces and annulments were recorded in 2007, compared to 7,220 in 2008.


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