First Baby’s Conception via Twitter?

Posted On: March 18, 2010

A best man’s wedding prank resulted in possibly the first-ever conception recorded on Twitter, but the parents-to-be might never know thousands were watching, reported Wednesday.

The Twitter account @newlywedsonthejob was allegedly set up by the best man to send live tweets every time the couple got active in the bedroom. The best man, inspired by another project that tweeted a co-worker’s flatulence, says he hooked up the bed with motion-sensing and pressure-sensitive technology for extra details.

Over three months, the couple recorded frenzy indexes from 2 (“R.E.M.”), through to 10 (“That’s the power of love”). They frequently recorded levels of 8 (“scary”) or 9 (“thrash metal”), and on average the bed tweeted sessions lasting 19 minutes every 3 days.

The best man, who remains anonymous, told men’s wedding website that he planned to reveal all to his friend in February. However, his friend had some big news: his wife was pregnant. The prankster says he realized the conception was likely to have been tweeted and decided to dismantle the setup without telling his best friend.

Would you be mad if your best man did this to you?


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