How to be a Sex Goddess

Posted On: July 14, 2010

Women who act out various sex roles and identities have the potential for expanded pleasure, according to Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. In this film, eleven of Annie’s erotically-gifted girlfriends explore what is possible within the roles of “slut” and “goddess.” The women in this film demonstrate female ejaculation, erotic yoga, Tantric breathing, sex magic, medibation, exotic intercourse rituals and other sensual/sexual delights.

A feminist classic, this film has been shown in Women’s Studies classes across the country. Annie presented many of these workshops live, and provides for us now a video version with which we can follow along in our homes, with our friends, or on our own. Annie says, “The truth is, each woman’s sex life follows its’ own path of likes and dislikes, with ups and downs, and often through many phases. One sex path is no better or worse than another. We’re just different.”

This class includes full nudity and explicit erotic touch instruction.

In this class you can:

• Become happier and healthier
• Grow as a person
• Expand your mind
• Awaken your senses
• Enhance your sex life

This video is campy, entertaining, educational, and explicit. “…be willing to be animalistic, experimental, impolite, and uncontrollable.”

Instructors Include: Annie Sprinkle, PhD

Class Format: 50 minutes of video which you can view online

This course is from the DVD “How To Be a Sex Goddess in 101 Easy Steps: Sluts and Goddesses”

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