The Old Spice Man is Hot!

Posted On: July 20, 2010

I’ve never heard of Old Spice, but I liked this video, saw more, and realised that he (Isaiah Mustafa) has single-handedly revived the brand and is a phenomenon in the USA.

Apparently Old Spice has 71 years of experience helping guys improve their mansmells with deodorant, bodywash, antiperspirant and fragrances. It’s Facebook page is here.

Isaish is a former National Football League football player-turned-actor who has done his final video as apparently as he has a new talent deal with NBC due to the attention he garnered from the commercials.

I remember years ago in Singapore, Guinness tried to pull something similar off by tracing the adventures of a Chinese man. They called him ‘Adam’ and he is a photographer of sorts. It didn’t take off. Oh then, this was before social media like Facebook.


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