India Decriminalizes Gay Sex

Posted On: July 20, 2009

On 2 July, New Delhi High Court decriminalized homosexual intercourse between consenting adults, by striking down section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. This law labels gay sex to be an “unnatural offense”, punishable with up to ten years in prison. Human Rights Watch and other groups urged the Government not to appeal against the […]

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FDA Approves Plan B

Posted On: July 19, 2009

On 10 July, U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Plan B One-Step, single-pill over-the-counter emergency contraceptive. Plan B works by giving the body a short, high, burst of synthetic hormones. This disrupts hormone patterns needed for pregnancy. It affects the ovaries and the development of the uterine lining, making pregnancy less likely. Depending upon where […]

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Want baby? Sex everyday!

Posted On: July 18, 2009

Australian research has shown that daily sex can improve the genetic quality of a man’s sperm and could raise his chances of fathering a child. This is because when men go without ejaculating, the number of sperm stored in the epididymis at the top of the testicle increases. The longer that sperm sits in the […]

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Death by Breathplay?

Posted On: July 17, 2009

When David Carradine was found dead in a locked hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand on 3 June 2009, suicide was suspected. However on closer look, David had an intricate web of ropes – one around his neck, another around his genitals and the two tied together. Auto-erotic asphyxia brought to mind. One of the greatest […]

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Against Marital Rape

Posted On: July 16, 2009

Afghanistan’s government has revised a law that drew international condemnation for condoning marital rape but the reformed version still requires a woman to satisfy her husband’s desires. Read article here. Closer to home in Singapore, a ‘No To Rape‘ online petition is being coordinated by a team of concerned Singaporeans who have come together for […]

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Calvin Klein does it again

Posted On: July 15, 2009

Calvin Klein’s ads are known for being titillating and pushing sexual boundaries. The latest is a five-story mural in lower Manhattan of three hunky guys and a young woman who appear to be taking a languid break from an intimate foursome. This ad triggered far reaching ripples in USA. Absolutely everybody had something to say […]

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What is the Secret to Great Sex?

Posted On: July 11, 2009

When Peggy Kleinplatz of the faculty of medicine at the University of Ottawa put out a call for “great lovers” across Canada and the United States, she and her team were deluged with old married people. Through long interviews with 30 men and women over the age of 60 who had been in relationships of […]

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Why Sexology?

Posted On: July 11, 2009

I worked in the corporate world as a communicator with some success for a number of years before managing a non-profit society for two. Three years ago when I realised that my volunteer work in telephone counselling was bringing me more joy, meaning and fulfillment in life than my corporate job and its awards ever […]

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Who is a Clinical Sexologist?

Posted On: July 9, 2009

Sexology is a discipline which has been in existence since mid-19th Century England and Germany. It refers to the study of sexual interests, behavior, and function. This is a field which combines the tools and resources of: • Biology • Physiology • Medicine • Psychology • Statistics • Epidemiology • Criminology • Religion • Philosophy […]

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