Fun Little Sex Games (Visiting Australian Sex Educators!)

Posted On: May 15, 2020

Date(s) - 15/05/2020
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Basic Studio


Fun little games and activities to support exploration of your sexuality and cultivate playful communication with your partners.

Why fumble around with intimate contact and hope for the best, when you could be having exactly what you want, at precisely the level you want it? Join us for a gradually deepening series of little games and activities that can easily be used as ongoing practices. Learn how to have better sex!

Over four hours you will learn how to recognise what you want, understand your boundaries, communicate all of this to a partner, get better at dropping fully into ‘giving’ or ‘receiving’ mode, and – finally! – embed consent and negotiation into your sex-life in a way that reflects your brand of sexy.

​For this workshop, couples (of all orientations) will be able to do exclusive with each other, and singles will be paired with someone new at the start of each activity (generally male-female pairings).

INTENSITY: Two out of four chillies. Most people experience this workshop as a gentle introduction, some experience it as challenging at times.

WHO FOR: Those seeking: Communication skills with partners in relation to sex; deepened sexual connection with self and others; ways to access diverse and new forms of touch; and a stronger ability to articulate desires and boundaries. Couples of any gender or sexual orientation, and singles (see ‘pairing’, below).


WHAT EXERCISES / ACTIVITIES?: Some movement and stretching. Verbal discussion about yourself. Issuing requests, and saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Touch exercises that teach boundary-setting and communication. Touch exercises that teach different styles of touch. Eye-gazing and breathing.

WILL THERE BE PAIR WORK? Yes. Lots. Please note, you only ever work to a level that’s right for you, from cautious to delicious! You may also sit out of any exercise that is not right for you.

HOW WILL PAIRING BE DONE? Couples may work only with the person they arrive with.  Singles will be paired with someone new at the start of each exercise – where numbers allow, this will be done for male-female pairing.

CAN YOU WORK EXCLUSIVELY with partner/s you arrive with? Yes.

NUDITY: Some people choose to do some exercises in underwear, however there is no nudity, nor is there any expectation that anyone removes any clothing.

SEXUAL CONTENT: The workshop is primarily about sexuality and sexual expression.

COMMITMENT: You may sit out of any activity, or participate only to a level that’s right for you.

RATIO of discussion to experiential: 20% discussion, 80% experiential.

BRING: Water bottle, your own snacks.

WEAR: Whatever you’re comfortable in.


“I really appreciate the skill and experience that you have shown here Rog, in setting up a sense of safety and ease in this space. It was graduated really well, and demonstrated the concepts you were teaching “in action”. For me it was just relaxing, nurturing and easy. I was inspired to explore further “What I like” and enjoy the emphasis on not having to get anything Right. Getting “high” on Communication!”

“Hi, I want to let you know how much I loved and used your fun little sex games workshop. It’s been 6 months since I took the course, and I’m still raving about it at parties, and uni, with playmates too, of course. Consent like this should be taught in schools! I wish I had come across it sooner. I would, and do, recommend it to anyone. I’m hoping to come to another workshop soon. Thank you.”

My partner and I have come away with new energy, ideas and ways of communicating. We learnt things about each other’s bodies and how we like to be touched that we hadn’t clearly communicated before, and are both enjoying the results!


Curious Creatures believes in a world where personal empowerment, sexual freedom, diversity of expression, and spectacularly good communication skills are the norm. It’s one thing to agree that, in theory, consent and communication and safety are important. Putting that into practice, however, is a little harder. In some ways, Curious Creatures exists as a response to that challenge.

Roger Butler is the driving force behind Curious Creatures, along with some very special co-facilitators.  Roger Butler was brought up white, middle-class, mostly heterosexual, and male. In addition to that lineage, they now identify as kinky, tantric, polyamorous, queer, and very, very curious. Their training is in Process Oriented Psychology and the facilitation of groups, coupled with an extensive education in sexuality.

Rog has been creating and facilitating Curious Creatures sexuality workshops for six years. Prior to this they facilitated well over a thousand workshops across various industries. They’re easily one of Australia’s most prolific sexuality workshop facilitators.

On their podcast Curious Conversations about Sex, Rog speaks on topics as broad as complex relationship dynamics, body image, gender issues, sex in long-term relationships, kinky sex, abuse and trauma, modern tantra, and sex work. If you’d like to book Rog as a speaker or interview them on your show, please contact us.

In 2000, Rog completed the one-year training offered by the Groupwork Institute of Australia, later accredited as the Advanced Diploma of Group Facilitation.  This is Australia’s most advanced training dedicated to the facilitation of groups.

From 2001 until now, Rog has extensively studied in Process Oriented Psychology, focusing on very robust models of conflict resolution and group facilitation, relationships and sexuality, power and rank issues, and general counselling skills.  These studies have included:  ANZPOP Two-Year Certificate in Process Oriented Psychology, 710 hours of in-person training, 300 hours of private practice, 86 hours of supervised practice, 300 hours of personal therapy.

Additionally, Rog has undertaken professional development and study relating to sex and sexuality, including training with the Institute of Somatic Sexology, Barbara Carrellas’s Urban Tantra Professional Training Program, Seani Love, and Dossie Easton.

Curious Creatures believes that sex is about delicious, hedonistic experience as well as being a path of self development and a contribution to a less violent world. They run workshops in a whole range of related topics in cities across Australia.

Curious Creatures take health and safety, and the regulatory environment, seriously. They are apparently the only workshop providers in Melbourne with a license class that allows for sexual contact between participants. For the roughly one-quarter of workshops that fall under this category, Curious Creatures meet and exceed their obligations in relation to providing an appropriately safe workshop environment.


Tess is a qualified occupational therapist with a deep passion for, and experience working in, sexuality in neurological rehabilitation and disability in community and clinical settings. They co-facilitate several Curious Creatures workshops, and co-host intimacy party, Curiosity.

Tess is determined to enable all humans (regardless of gender, culture, lifestyle) to explore sexuality, sexual expression and embodiment regardless of/including persons with injury, chronic illness, differently abled bodies and neurological conditions.

With facilitation experience in clinical & non-clinical settings, wrapped up in a career history including teaching the circus arts internationally, health care, performing theatre, global festival hopping and a long-standing love of kink, Tess is determined to expand the sex positive culture and the freedom to explore sexuality to all.

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