“You’ll Never Believe What We Did Last Night…”

Learn the Secrets That Turn Ordinary Sex
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Discover the Powerful Techniques to Use Your Tongue
in Ways You’ve Never Thought Possible

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Is your love life getting a little stale and boring?

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to create more intimacy with your partner?

It seems to be a fact of life as relationships mature, we get lazy and complacent in the bedroom. Sex becomes monotonous and a chore to be done instead of a way to build intimacy with your partner.

When your relationship first started — pure, primal lust drove you together and kept the sex hot and exciting.

But as your relationship has matured, you’ve fallen into a rut. You still love each other very much… you just wish there were a way you could break free and jumpstart your sex life once again.

Now… there is a way you can be the lover your partner has ALWAYS wanted!

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This short series has opened me up to so many possibilities. We often “just go with it” or just endlessly flick and it’s great to know that there is actually something to do about it to improve the quality and experience of oral sex.

– Anonymous Lady

Create the Intimacy You’ve Always Craved

Hi, my name is Dr. Martha Tara Lee, and I’m the Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching.

I’ve spent years studying human sexuality and teaching couples all over the world how to build intimacy in their relationships.
Dr. Martha Tara Lee
And now, I’ve developed Tongue Twisters.

Tongue Twisters teaches you how to use your tongue to create more intimacy with your partner.

You see, the tongue plays a POWERFUL role in our sex lives, but we never learn how to take advantage of this erotic muscle.

Everything else about sex is instinctual… but the use of the tongue to create a powerful bond with your partner is something which can be learned.

Spice up your relationship today by taking advantage this special offer… and you and your partner will spice up your relationship and achieve a level of intimacy you’ve only dreamed about up until now.

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I love the way Dr. Martha explains the role of a well-conditioned tongue for a more fulfilling experience. In fact, I faced issues during prolonged oral sex when my tongue gave up. This video pretty much explains what I needed. Thanks to Dr. Martha for enlightening people about conscious sex.

– Male, IT

Yes, I’m Ready To Create More Intimacy and Have the Best Sex of My Life!


What You Get

  • 4 instructional videos which teach you exercises and techniques you can use to make your partner scream with pleasure.
  • My detailed line-drawing handout which show you each exercise you’ll be learning in the videos. You can practice anywhere you want with these handy diagrams and instructions.
  • As a special bonus, you’ll also get two ADDITIONAL videos. These bonus videos involve some more advanced techniques which will send your and your partner’s pleasure through the roof.


Within no time, you will become so comfortable that your tongue starts to sub-consciously follow Martha’s demonstrations in the videos. She scaffolds the lessons in a way that allows us to learn in an unintimidated way… and well of course because she says that she has not perfected it even when she is teaching us! More importantly, she offers plenty of suggestions as to where and how we can practise, in order to continually improve. This is a clear indication that she understands our constraints, our lifestyle and habits – and this is what makes her workshops always so sharp and effective, and yet so personalised. I love her 4th video the most, where she gets real and talks about the reactions to the use of different props. It is fun, humorous and sometimes unexpected!– Anonymous Female, 33
Dr. Martha Tara Lee’s video series “Tongue Twisters” provides very clever and easy to follow suggestions that can guide you to be ready to add an entire extra level of excitement and sensitivity to your physical intimacy with your partner. By taking you step by step through simple exercises of conditioning and increasing your conscious and unconscious control over your body’s strongest, and perhaps most sensitive muscle, Dr. Martha encourages you to gain confidence using your tongue wit increased dexterity and endurance to explore expertly adding even more pleasure to your time together.
I thoroughly enjoyed the series, and the gentle and straight forward discussions and explanations by Dr. Martha of this easy and self-paced exercise program. The result is being able to confidently experiment with, and enjoy, a new found “expertise” that you may not even have thought of before! I really do recommend this series of videos. And you will definitely want to try the additional very pleasurable techniques Dr. Martha shares during the bonus videos!– Anonymous Male, 60
“I really enjoyed the series of videos from Tongue Twisters. Not only are they unique, but Martha kept them concise and straightforward. The videos are therefore, short and the concepts are easy to grasp without having information overload. The transcripts of each entire video were a surprise and also a huge bonus. Having the transcripts allowed me to screenshot and highlight the information without having to grab a pen and take notes (which was quite a number, especially the steps!) that I wanted to remember and keep them in my phone for my convenience. I was also able to read through them and work on my practices in moments where watching videos with sound were not convenient.
Our tongue is often overlook but has to potential to play such a big part in our sex lives, this short series has opened me up to so many possibilities that I didn’t think out of the box enough to try to explore and I appreciate how it value-added to what I can do in bed. We often “just go with it” or just endlessly flick and it’s great to know that there is actually something to do about it to improve the quality and experience of oral sex. It is definitely something I have added into my quest for self-improvement and one of the things I have in the back of my head to practice constantly (like kegels hah).” – Anonymous

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Anytime after you order, if you don’t feel that this online program is going to teach you how to use your tongue to create more intimacy with your partner, all you have to do is contact us and say cancel and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

The complete Tongue Twisters program normally sells for $48,
but for this VERY LIMITED time, you get the complete program…

Tongue Twisters Program

  • The 4 instructional videos
  • The illustrated handouts with diagrams and instructions
  • 2 BONUS videos to supercharge your sex life

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Learn these exclusive techniques to spice up your relationship and create more intimacy with your partner than you ever thought possible.

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Dr. Martha Tara Lee, D.H.S.

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Yes, I’m Ready To Create More Intimacy and Have the Best Sex of My Life!


Dr. Martha Tara Lee

About Martha

Dr. Martha Tara Lee is Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching in Singapore. She is a certified sexuality educator with AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists), as well as certified sexologist with ACS (American College of Sexologists). She holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality from Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality as well as certificates in practical counselling, life coaching and sex therapy. She is available to provide sexuality and relationship coaching for individuals and couples, conduct sexual education workshops and speak at public events in Asia and beyond. For more, visit www.ErosCoaching.com.