A colorful rainbow arching across a pink background. The rainbow has stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
Below the rainbow are the words "Clean and Clear" written in black, bold font.

Clean & Clear

A 30-day program to help you stop your negativity, cure your depression, and never feel overwhelmed again.

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Martha’s Videos1) What is Emotional Release?

2) My Anger Story

3) Why do Emotional Release?

4) Myths about Emotional Release

5) What to Expect for Your Next 30-Days

Demo Videos

1) Demo: Egyptian Cleansing Breath by Laurie Handlers

2) Demo: Pillow Hitting

3) Demo: Why Move Your Torso

4) Demo: Shakti Shake

5) Demo: Grief Ritual/ Wailing/ Heart Pounding

6) Demo: Shiva Shakti Mudra

7) Demo: Lindwall Releasing

8) Demo: Power Stomping

9) Demo: Temper Tantrum

10) Demo: Fetal Freeze

11) Demo: Yogaboxing

12) Demo: Pillow Pounding/ Pillow Fucking

13) Demo: Laughter Yoga

14) Demo: Bioenergetic Emotional Release

Expert Interviews

1) Laurie Handlers

2) Dr Rob Alex

3) Rev Goddess Charmaine

4) Dr Janelle Alex

5) Veronica Monet

6) Robyn Vogel

7) Simone Engdahl

8) Sarah Martin

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Bonus Interview

What is the link on Trauma and Sexuality?

We created a closed Facebook group for the participants of Clean and Clear (April 1 to 30, 2017) at http://www.facebook.com/groups/cleanadnclear. Join us there and receive continued support!

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