Why Sexology?

Posted On: July 11, 2009

I worked in the corporate world as a communicator with some success for a number of years before managing a non-profit society for two.

Three years ago when I realised that my volunteer work in telephone counselling was bringing me more joy, meaning and fulfillment in life than my corporate job and its awards ever did, I decided to do a career switch.

There are already plenty of extremely competent counsellors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists in Singapore. What additional value can I bring? Was there a field in the helping profession where I could crave a niche?

I had not received any sex education when I was young. The compulsory annual school assemblies I attended were on why women bled monthly and how we young ladies have to pay particular attention to personal hygiene. Grown up, there still seemed to be a sore lack of trained sex educators in Singapore. Surely there was more to understanding sex and sexuality than of protecting against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), making babies and getting your period.

This was why I decided to pursue a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and am now a trained Clinical Sexologist.

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