All Vulvas are Beautiful

Posted On: December 19, 2009

I have received the kind permission from Betty Dodson to share the following vulva illustrations. They were originally printed in her book Sex for One. For more information about her work, visit their site here.

Know that these are intended for educational purposes, but are explicit sexual anatomy illustrations.

I feel strongly that there should more conversations about how the diversity and variety of vulvas in terms of their shape, size and colours, in light of increase genital surgery.

Just because my inner or outer lips look different than the girl next to me does not mean I am abnormal, weird or ugly. I am just different. We need to start realising and embracing the fact that different does not mean bad. In fact, we are all beautiful, complete and whole the way we are and not feed into stereotype portrayals in the media of what ‘beauty’ means.

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