First Black Disney Princess

Posted On: December 18, 2009

Disney is featuring its first black pricess in The Princess and the Frog, featuring its first black princess, for over three years now.

It’s a happy coincidence that the film arrives during the first term of US first black President — but for little girls, seeing a Disney princess who looks like them might be even more life-changing. Here’s why.

This truly is wonderful. Princesses should (and do) come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and race. Growing up, I had assumed I would end up slim, acne-free, smart and possibly white like all the Disney cartoons I adored. When I realised not everybody grew up to be that way, I was truly sore. We internalised it: there is ‘something’ wrong with me. I was fortunate that I learnt not only accept but embrace what and more importantly, who I was.

If only more little girls grow up with positive images of their race and bodies, they would be so much empowered – confident, stronger and… aware that they truly are beautiful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

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