Product Review: ‘Better than Chocolate’ by Nomi Tang

Posted On: May 28, 2010

Nomi Tang ‘Better than Chocolate’ Multi-Function Vibrator

‘Better than Chocolate’ is the first of Nomi Tang’s line of sensual consumer products with adult toys. The first word that came to my mind when I saw ‘Better than Chocolate’ was ‘Adventure’. This attributes to its shape – that of the computer mouse – and the infinite opportunities for learning and countless possibilities in opening up one’s horizons with that mouse.

I was eager to get onto the information highway and experience it! U4Ria, who is the sole distributor of ‘Better than Chocolate’, explained the functionalities to me, but I was frankly too excited and impatient to listen. How hard would it be? I am a genius, or so I thought.

Look and Purpose
Velvety to the touch, ‘Better than chocolate’ is made from skin-friendly materials used in many medical applications. It is made from thermoplastic elastomer and polycarbonate. There was no smell, and the toy reportedly doesn’t have any taste either.

This vibrator is intended for external stimulation and exploration of your intimate zones. The ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the hand and against the clitoral, labial and nipple areas, as well as cupping the entire vulva and massaging it with deep vibrations that rumble and throb inside the entire toy. Yummy!

I did not find out until writing this review that the product has been honoured with the Red Dot Design Award 2010 in recognition of its contributions to the fields of graphic and product design. Red Dot Design is one of the best known Design Awards worldwide and features the cream of the crop in contemporary design. Impressive!

False Start
When I brought it home, I was disappointed to find that I couldn’t figure out how to put in the batteries. Even though I didn’t ‘get’ how to use immediately, I was not going to give up. After all, I am a sexologist, and it was my job to figure it out so I could report about it and help other people. Turns out that it is not hard at all to load the batteries, you just twist the end with the battery cap and pop in two AAA batteries. I feel sheepish in admitting that I could have (but did not) referred to the manual.

The way ‘Better than Chocolate’ moulded into my palm told me I was in for a ride! The on/off button is also located on this end, on the battery cap. It’s a flush press button and a single press turns the vibrator on, another turns it off.

I used the smoothly angled tip for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. And it felt just right! This must be what masturbating at the angle of a table might feel like, but this toy was softer and vibrating at will. At the top of the toy is there is the touch sensor control bar which acts a lot like the scroll button in a better-grade computer mouse. I figured out quickly how stroking up or down (simple glide of your finger) on the touch sensor control bar increases or decreases the vibrations. I am in control and I am the surfer!

Functions/ Performance
Pressing on the light-up Red ‘NT’ logo will give you a range of pulses. To switch from continuous, steady vibration to different patterns of vibration, you simply press and hold your finger on the Red ‘NT’ logo for two seconds.

The vibrator then starts another pulsation pattern that can, again, be adjusted in strength by gliding your finger over the touch sensor control pad. Hold the logo for another two seconds and you will get another pattern. The glowing light will show you which vibrating function you are using by lighting up in synchronisation!

When you find a vibration level you like – either steady or one of the patterns – you can hold your finger for two seconds and lock your desire level and pattern by simply pressing over the opposite side of the touch sensor control pad and it will lock your desire level and pattern. To unlock it, you just press and hold the same area for two seconds.

The little light on the ‘NT’ logo is blue when the touch pad is unlocked and red when the touch pad is locked.

It takes a bit more practice in getting used to than other sex toys but it is well worth the investment of your time getting to know her well. There is no doubt that ‘Better than Chocolate’ is a high quality toy that is precise in pleasuring a woman in exactly the way she wants. I highly recommend it. Ask U4Ria’s friendly shop assistant for an orientation and you won’t be having any false starts like I did.

– An ergonomic shape, operates ultra-quietly.
– Storable in an elegant white velvet drawstring pouch
– Presented in a beautiful and discreet gift box packaging
– Made of high quality material: Thermoplast Elastomer
– Innovative touch Slider
– Requires 2 AAA batteries
– Waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter
– Overall length: 110mm (4.25″ long); Width at widest point: 62mm (2.5″ wide)
– Weight: 0.5 lbs
– Colours: Navy Blue or Plum
Volume: 2; Intensity: 3

Care and Maintenance: The product guide that comes with the ‘Better than Chocolate’ suggests washing it with soap and warm water. After use, just store it in its plush, white velvet drawstring bag.

Warranty: This product has a warranty of one year from the date of purchase.

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