Askable Parent

Posted On: August 30, 2010

Are you an Askable Parent? Or a concerned caregiver?

What does that mean? To be askable is to be perceived as approachable and open to questions by young people. They trust and respect what you have to say.

Being askable about sexuality is something that most parents and caregivers want but that many find very difficult. You may have received little or no information about sex when you were growing up. Sex may not have been discussed while growing up whether from fear or out of embarrassment. As a result, you may worry about:

  • Not knowing the right words or the right answers;
  • Being out of it in the eyes of their young people;
  • Giving too much or too little information; or
  • Giving information at the wrong time.

Being askable is important. Learn new skills and become more confident about your ability to discuss sexuality.

Fee: S$200 per person or S$350 per couple

Duration: 4 hours

Who: Minimum of six adults or maximum of 15.

Address: To be determined.

To register/ enquire: Please email to check availability stating your name, mobile, and three preferred dates/ times.

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