Sexuality and Seniors

Posted On: October 5, 2010

I just had to repost this amazing interview by Doctor Anita Hoffer, my classmate at Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

Sexual intimacy is a vibrant part of life. “Older adults are active and safe participants of sexual activity,” says certified Sex Coach Katherine Forsythe of San Francisco. Ms. Forsythe joins Doctor Anita Hoffer, a reproductive biologist trained at Harvard Medical School in probing the wonderful world of sexual activity for older adults on Graceful Aging.

This show is a revealing conversation. Host Gregory Bator encourages his guests to freely discuss provocative, yet appropriate aspects of senior intimacy and romance. “This show certainly opens the door on topics we think about, but are shy to discuss,” said Bator. “There is a good balance between the academic and practical sides of sexuality. Our guests approach sensitive issues candidly and with wonderful humor.”

“Sexuality and Seniors” begins the “talk” that can enrich the lives of older men and women alike. Please join us. Whether you want to restart or improve your sex life, this show is a good starting point.

The discussion includes the words and variations of: erection, orgasm, masturbation, Viagra, leather, and more!

Sexuality & Seniors from GRACEFUL on Vimeo.


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