Testimonials – Sexual Attitude Restructuring

Posted On: January 19, 2012

“I attended Martha’s SAR workshop in 2012. It was very good and refreshing. Watching the different videos made me more accepting of myself and others by the end of the workshop. & from the workshop, I actually gained comfort that there were other people who felt the same way, and supported people with different sexual preferences and behaviours. It was very comfortable attending the workshop, and not that awkward. In particular, I liked the clip of people sharing their masturbation experiences openly. It was discussed openly and without shame in the video, which was intimate and informative. Also, it made me realize that it was normal for people to start masturbating at a young age, making me think that perhaps it was a natural behavior and something many people instinctively know what to do, but it’s sad that we are shameful of it. Overall, it really challenged my perspective, and it was a pleasure to learn positive information, instead of the more rampant judgments and commercial media which ultimately close us up, because it’s not authentic and loving. Thank you for conducting the workshop!!!” – YQ, teacher

“I have to say I knew not what to expect when I first attended SAR. I knew I was going to experience discomfort; but having known Martha for some time, I knew she made a wonderful facilitator; and I was correct. Martha made sure that the whole situation was as comfortable and guided as possible. SAR made me more open on my attitude towards sex. The various type of sex, the various preferences, and how all of such can actually be a calming, freeing experience.” – Male Participant

“I first attended SAR with a fair amount of resistance to the notion that it will be uncomfortable and weird to be viewing material with a group of strangers. However as the sessions proceeded, I found myself transformed through the process and the openness in discussion and sharing our views and perspectives definitely helped to challenge the various pre-conceived notions or pre-judgements that we have about certain things. Having gone through it, I do think that the process helps in broadening our perspectives and becoming more tolerant individuals capable of appreciating people for who they are and to see beyond stereotypes. Credit must go to Dr. Martha Lee for administering the process and for creating an environment where frank, honest discussion is possible.” – Male participant

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