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Posted On: November 11, 2012

“I am tired of being asked if I am tired of Asians being conservative when it comes to sex and sexuality. Through my limited interactions with all types of clients spanning all over the world, I actually don’t think Asians are any less of more conservative sexually than any other race or nationality. What we tend to be is LESS aware because we either didn’t have sex ed growing up or because we didn’t seek out this information ourselves. We are just as capable of having the sexual lives we want and many Asians are indeed having the sexual lives they want. Don’t make sex an ethnic thing when it is not.” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“The more people I work with, the less inclined I am to put them into boxes and the less patience I have with people who want to try to get me to put anybody into boxes. We are all unique individuals and we deserve to be treated as such.” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“We are on a constant overdrive to get, take and do that our senses has become numb. No wonder we no longer know what “being in your body” means anymore. Detox, breathe, slow down from time to time and your body will thank you for it.” – Dr. Martha Lee

“It’s ok to be uncomfortable being uncomfortable. Staying with your discomfort, not freaking out, and instead breathing into the feeling can sometimes shift the feeling.” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“As a highly sensitive person, I always felt overwhelmed by the world growing up. It was easier to just choose to not care, shut up, shut down, and shut off. I grew up to learn that choosing not to care served no one including myself and that it wasn’t that I didn’t care but that I care a lot. As an adult, I have learned techniques to cope when life gets too much especially since I absorb so much pain from my clients. Don’t hide in your shadow because of your fear of getting hurt. When you live life gloriously and shine, you inspire others to do likewise and you make a difference. Your life matters.” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“Sex tip: Doorbell – Apply firm pressure on her clitoris with your thumb, release, repeat. Do so slowly and consciously. The intent to encourage blood flow to her clitoris. Do not make any “ding-dong, ding-dong” sounds. She will not appreciate it!” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“Question: When do you know when enough is enough?
My answer: When you start asking if it is enough.”
– Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“There are many good reasons to have sex but perhaps the real reason why we have sex is because it feels good! And when something feels good, do we need a reason?” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“I would much rather hear lovemaking noises from her neighbour than wailing or fighting. I actually do cheer them on inside and wait with abated breath for the orgasm!” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“It doesn’t matter so much what you say. It has also to do what you look like as you say it, followed by how you say it. Effective communication skills apply in and out of the bedroom. With practice, you can be a more effective communicator of your needs, wants and desires.” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“Get well soon. Get well soon. Get well soon. What if there was no get well? What if there was no medication or cure for a health condition? And why are we hurrying healing as if our bodies can’t be allowed to take the time it needs? We are so quick as a society to fix it all. We forget that sometimes there is no “get well”. “Get better” maybe. Your words can tear or build. Give some thought into what words you use.” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“Our fast-food generation is used to instant solutions. To suggest to them to work on themselves, to get in touch with their bodies, to breathe and to be still long enough to listen to their bodies and focus on sensation are all alien concepts. You can complain about the lack of time, work stress, tiredness or you can choose to carve out the time and make time for what is important for you. No one owns you a life full of ecstasy, joy and happiness. It’s yours for the taking.” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“The older I am, the less afraid I am. The less afraid I am, the more free I feel – even though I have been free all along. Sometimes I wonder why so many people walk around like the living zombies – When will they wake? When will they be able to live fearlessly? When will they realise they are free? And more importantly, what can I do to help them truly live life fearlessly and freely?” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

“If you believe you cannot help, you can’t. I chose to believe I can make a difference. I went out and made some difference. It reaffirmed that I do make a difference, and so I stopped doubting that I make a difference. And so I continue to make a difference. I see the magnificence in you. I view you in your highest potential. And while the world may call me an optimist or unrealistic, I choose the better way because somebody has to believe in people, that it is possible, that life will be better. And I choose to be that person.” – Dr. Martha Tara Lee

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