Christmas Ideas

Posted On: December 14, 2012

Still wondering what to get for Christmas? Here are some gift ideas:

For parents of young children

We know babies don’t come from swallowing any seeds accidentially, and aren’t delivered by storks. However children believe all sorts of equally silly stories unless given accurate information. I recommend this lovely new book by Cory Silverberg which ensures that kids learn the truth about how babies come into being. What Makes a Baby is a beautifully illustrated book that covers biological conception by male-female couples, as well as conception by same-sex couples and singles, and through surrogacy, sperm donation, and adoption.

What Makes a Baby Book Trailer from Cory Silverberg on Vimeo.

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For women who have discomfort about sex

A big part of being comfortable with sex and sexuality begins with our body and what we think of it. I have no less than three vulva picture books to help normalise what female genitals look like. This is what I got myself this Christmas – a calendar of beautiful vulva images. You can order it online here.

Just for fun

You can also head down to local sex shop chain U4Ria for some of Christmas shopping. One of the products you should definitely check out is the limited edition Royal Swan And Elegant Watch (Nov 12). This award-swimming best Product line in Europe comes with an elegant watch for a slender touch of perfection. Cost: SGD ($) 319

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