Product Review: Iroha Uma-Anzu and Iroha Midori by Tenga

Posted On: April 29, 2014

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Tenga Review

Iroha Midori and Iroha Mini Uma-Anzu are both manufactured by Tenga, a sex toy manufacturer based in Japan. Representative of Japanese design, all their toys have clean lines, are thoughtfully made and entirely researched. I love how there’s a lot of love that has gone into these sex toys.

Tenga is well-known for its flip hole and egg-shaped sex toys for men. This is their first foray into female vibrators and I have to say I love these two toys that I have. Watch these videos for more!

Iroha Mini Uma-Anzu

  • Come with one tester triple AAA battery inside
  • Battery lasts for five hours
  • Palm-sized and fits easily into any handbag
  • Even though it is small, it is actually quite a strong vibrator
  • Can use the noob for more focused stimulation on the clitoris or any part of the body that feels good
  • Subtle button
  • Quiet
  • Waterproof
  • Made of body-safe silicon material
  • Other colours: Fuji Lemon and Sora Mikan

Iroha Midori

  • Magnetic docking system
  • Dust resistant and waterproof
  • Made of body-safe silicon material
  • Comes with a control panel which just has two easy-to-use buttons (Press Plus to increase or turn it on; and Minus to change/ turn off the toy)
  • 3 speeds (from subtle, stronger to strongest) and 1 pulsation option
  • Unique soft cushioning
  • Quiet
  • Sister models to check out: Iroha Yuki and Iroha Sakura

When I tried using these sex toys because they are actually quite powerful so I was able to obtain orgasm quite easily. So that’s the personal bit that I have to share.

Reminder: Use a water-based lubricant instead of silicon lubricants when you have silicon sex toys because silicon lubricants can erode silicon sex toys. And so you just want to remember that you want to be using water-based lubricant instead.

I hope you enjoyed this video. And in the meantime, keep loving, live life fully and stay lovely.

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