“My wife felt pain and both of us were worry and a little frustrated.”

Posted On: April 8, 2014

Testimonial from another client who have successfully overcome vaginismus:

“Before we met you, we really know very little about sex and we have great difficulty doing it. My wife felt pain and both of us were worry and a little frustrated.
It was really helpful that you taught us about the whole process, our body, our fear, and helped us set right expectation for our initial sessions. My wife followed the exercises and after 3-4 times, her fear reduced and both of us can progress and help each other.
After about 4 months, we finally can have sex successfully, and we felt a huge relief. Now if we have some difficulties, we still remind ourselves what you said, that sex is fun and it doesn’t have to be painful or stress, then we can learn to relax.
We are grateful that we meet you. Thanks for teaching and encouraging us, we hope other couples with same difficulty can overcome it.”
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