My 5-Minute Low-Down on 50 Shades of Grey

Posted On: February 10, 2015

I believe 50 Shades the film will play from 14 Feb in the cinemas in Singapore. It was passed without any cuts and given a R21 rating. All that drama mama won’t hurt ticket sales. Are you planning to watch it?

Digital Alien VisualizationI was asked by a friend what I thought about it, and this was the reply I banged out within five minutes.

  1. Do I support the movie? – Yes.
  2. Do I agree to it being released in Singapore? – Yes.
  3. Is it romance trash? – Yes this is what was written to be.
  4. Is the book series/ film sexist/ stereotyping men and women? – Who cares as long as everybody is having fun when they are doing whatever it is gives them pleasure, and they are ok with it.
  5. Do I think it is helpful for BDSM community? – It brings something that not discussed to the light, but it doesn’t depict the practices in healthy and safe ways. BDSM is not rape and it is about consent each and every step of the way.
  6. Do I care about reviews? – No.
  7. Do I care what others think? – They are entitled to their view. However people seem to have lost the plot. 50 shades is not an educational book series, or high-brow literature. It is a romance novel series for women to “get wet” (aroused) on, and whether they “get wet” is up to subjective taste/ preferences.

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