Book Review: Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide

Posted On: September 29, 2015

Published in 2004, this book is for people who identify as highly sensitive people (HSP) and it guides them through the ways in which they can better survive and thrive.

HSP’s reportedly make up about 20 percent of the population and because they feel overwhelmed with many of the things that people become acclimated to, they would have difficulties in doing well in society. For instance, they are adversely affected when there is too much sound, too pollutant dust, light, and so on.

The Highly Sensitive Person Survival GuideThis book will help you find out if you are a HSP through its self-assessment quiz. It shares coping techniques and ways to manage distractions like noise and time pressures at home and work. In addition, it reveals tips on how to reduce sensory overwhelm with meditation and deep relaxation techniques. It recommends ways in which one can navigate the challenges of interacting with others in social and intimate relationships.

There are ten chapters in this book and at the end of each chapter, there is very quick recap. One can pretty much skip to the end of each chapter to get the learning points For instance, in chapter two, it talks about how to create a daily routine. In chapter three, it suggests how to calm senses and cope with time pressures.

Even though some of the recommendations are pretty straightforward and common sense, there was the occasional nugget which I found would be very useful to HSPs. Also sometimes when you’re in the situation yourself, you don’t have that bird’s eye view to recognise what is it that you need to be doing. Chapter 9 answers commonly asked questions by highly sensitive people. It also describes healing modalities and how to choose the right healer for you.

Of course, this book is suitable not just for people who are highly sensitive. It is also appropriate for people who are constantly feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or maybe even having depression. These techniques could help them better get out of whatever it is that is troubling them more quickly.

I particularly like the chapter on sleep. Even though lots of people have sleeping problems and know a thing or two about good sleep, this book has put together all of the best practices I’ve read various articles through the years, and more.

Published by New Harbinger Publications, this book has 200 pages and of the 78 reviews on Amazon, most are favourable. I found this book useful for those who really just want to cut through all the clutter, and get down to practical, realistic and simple techniques to cope better (myself included). So of course, I am recommending this book to you.

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