Testimonial – Orgasmic Yoga

Posted On: November 21, 2015

“I have been experimenting with your book this week and I am amazed at the change I feel in my body from a simple morning practice of kegels, orgasmic yoga and journaling. I do two 15 min sessions first thing and it literally powers up my whole day afterwards. I feel a tingling and warmth from my groin up to my solar plexus.

The simple act of noticing sensations inside my body has been the most profound aspect of the practice. For example I never used to use lube and combined with a heavy stroking pressure contributed to a deadening of sensation. Through noticing, I have adjusted my stroke to a lighter touch which is actually creating more sensation in my penis during practice. I am excited and curious to see the changes over the next few months.” – Steve H.orgasmic yoga

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