Slides: Sex and the Spine

Posted On: May 22, 2016

I gave five presentations at the one-day Sex and the Spine Symposium organised by NSpine as part of Spine Week at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on Mon 16 May 2016. At one point the event had 120 delegates. SpineWeek happens every four years and there are 4000 delegates this year.

The topics I presented were:

  1. Introduction to Human Sexualityspine (5)
  2. Body Image and Sexual Health
  3. Sexual Positional Aids for Spinal Cord Injuries 
  4. Physiology of Male and Female Sexuality
  5. Concepts, Treatments and Techniques in Sex Therapy

Click on the topic you’re interested in for the slides.

I believe that information and knowledge should be shared wherever possible, and I give a lot in my work. I ask for credit to be given where it is due. Do contact me directly if you have any questions about my slides.

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You can find all my presentation slides here.

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