Help us publicise 2nd Sugar & Spice Virtual Festival, Nov 17 – 24!

Posted On: November 2, 2020

I recently concluded the first Love Abilities festival (Oct 15 – 19) as well
– a virtual sexuality and disability festival
which saw 665 people sign up for the 5 day festival.
1,050 people attended the 29 sessions facilitated by 50 presenters live.
It was considered successful with only positive feedback from participants.I am passing the festival to my colleague Dr Mitchell Tepper to continue the work
as I had never set myself up to be a festival organiser.
I am walking away because so many people have come forward to help.
I did not make a cent from it and it was also never my intention to profit from it.I thank my program co-chair Michelle Donald for nominating most of the UK presenters.
And our appointed program consultant Dr. Mitchell Tepper for nominating some of the USA presenters.
I went and got the rest of the presenters I felt we needed to provide a comprehensive and diversified program.I did all the organising (from website, admin, registration, media, publicity, coordinating with presenters, platform setup etc.)
1) I knew I could do having done the 1st Sugar and Spice (Aug 1 – 15);
2) I wanted to save costs and pass on any profits to presenters (which I did – US$73 to any presenters who claimed it OR towards future Love Abilities events); and
3) I wanted to create positivity during these times when the world was in lockdown and more receptive to the use of technology than ever before.

I opened the festival saying that people can be surprised what one determined person can achieve.
Nobody could believe that I pulled off such a huge festival
– what more an Asian, a woman, and not disabled,
but I DID.

When I originally first contacting the presenters
(and I was the one who went and got each and every single one of our 50 presenters),
many were confused – who was this Singaporean from Singapore?
until I dropped names of who we did manage to get already.

I assigned lots of work to my assistant!
If we had relied on volunteers (which I initiated did), the festival would never had been put up from ideation to conclusion in 3 months.
I personally handled every single of the 665 registrants myself because my assistant handled more pressing tasks.
I am thankful for the support Elmer Tan with tech, and Dani Elle with visuals.

Because of the challenges and all-consuming nature of this festival,
my subsequent festival coming up the 2nd run of
Sugar and Spice has suffered in publicity efforts.

Sugar & Spice virtual sexuality festival has an all-Asian faculty and the biggest of its kind
(the first in Aug 1 – 15 had 39 sessions, 35 presenters, ran for two weeks and saw 260 registrants).
I too did not take a cent from the 1st Sugar & Spice either.
From the profit of the 1st Sugar and Spice,
we have committed to paying presenters for this 2nd run!
Err… all 42 of them.Sugar & Spice means so much to me because
I am often the ONLY token Asian presenter in many of the virtual sexuality events I have been invited to!
Granted, not many have been doing this as long as me,
or have as much qualifications as me…
but where are they?Surely, there are many of us – many voices, faces, and messages!
And this is what Sugar & Spice means to me.
We, Asians, do talk, do like, do care about sex!For the 2nd one running Nov 17 – 24,
we are allowing anybody to sign up for free
so nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.
Recordings will be available for up to 30 days.

People with disabilities are welcomed and accommodations can be made on request.
Auto subtitling is available for recordings via Zoom.
Details below – and I really hope you can help to reshare!
After the first Sugar & Spice festival in August which saw 260 registrants,
the second Sugar & Spice virtual sexuality festival will be returning Nov 17 – 24 over 7 days!

We will have 42 presenters and 23 sessions via Zoom!
Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.
Recordings will be available for up to 30 days!

Sign up here

Nov 17 – 24

Sexual Education/ Knowledge 
1) Consent and Sexuality (Anupama Garg, India)
2) Sexual Dsyfunctions & Treatments (Dr Anita Shyaam, USA)
3) Gooey Stuff & The Deadliest Catch – STI/ Sexual Health (Dr Rachel Winston, Malaysia)
4) Sexuality in the Stars (Janet Chui, Singapore)
5) Sexuality, Diversity and Inclusion (Shivli Shrivastava)
6) Documentary: Love Commandoes

7) Sexual Polarity (Lionel Koh, Singapore)
8) Managing In-Laws Issues in Relationships (YY Wei, USA)
9) Enhance Your Sexual Relationship (Andrea Koh, Malaysia)
10) Coming out Naked to your Parents (June Chua, Singapore)

11) Danced by Desire (Oliver Damian, Australia)
12) To Tease and To Please (Lucky Rapscallion, USA)
13) Sexy Foods & Sensual Aphrodisiacs (Luke Elijah Lim, Singapore)
14) Using The Five Senses in Erotica Writing (Kat Astrid, Philippines)
15) Introduction to Bondage (Joyen, Philippines)
16) Q&A while wearing Drag Make Up (Nitish Anand, India)

17) Sexual Aids/ Toys (Panelists: Say Tioco, Philippines; Dr. Martha Tara Lee, Singapore. Resource Person: AJ, Philippines)

18) Sex, Dating and Hook Ups (Moderator: Si Ying, Singapore. Panelists: Marissa Trew, Singapore; Janice Leong, Singapore; Samuel, Singapore; Jasmine King, Malaysia)

19) Thriving after Marital Trauma (Moderator: Dr Rica Cruz, Philippines, Panelists: Carol Gockel, Singapore; Karen Foo, Thailand)

20) Sex, Money and Spirit (Moderator: Lim Seow Yuin, Singapore. Panelists: Genecia Alluora, Singapore; Varin Gill, Malaysia; Shin Fun Chan, Malaysia)

21) Sexuality, Illness and Disability (Moderator: Tony Toni, Philippines. Panelists: Evan Mutrie, Canada; Theresa Goh, Singapore; Fiona Tan, Singapore)

22) BDSM panel (Moderator: Mistress Ava Zhang. Panelists: Dani Elle, Philippines; Hendrika, Australia; Mistress Eva Oh, Indonesia)

23) Indian Sexuality & Advocacy Panel – Moderator: Prarthita Nath (Prathsanti). Niyati Sharma (Prathasanti), Sanjoy Sachdev (Love Commandos), Pallavi Barnwal (Red Womb)

We have 42 presenters, 23 sessions over 7 days!

Come join us and embark on a new learning journey!




About Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Surrounded by friends who were sexually inhibited and struck by dire lack of positive conversations around sex and sexuality in Singapore, Dr. Martha Tara Lee set out to make a positive difference in embarking on her doctorate in human sexuality before launching Eros Coaching in 2009. Today, she remains dedicated to working with individuals and couples who wish to lead self-actualised and pleasure-filled lives.

She also holds certificates in counselling, coaching and sex therapy, and her fourth degree – a Masters in Counselling in May 2018. In practice for more than 10 years, she is the only certified sexuality educator and certified sexuality educator supervisor by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) in Singapore.

Often cited in the local media, Dr. Lee is the appointed sex expert for Men’s Health Singapore, and Men’s Health Malaysia. She was recognised as one of ‘Top 50 Inspiring Women Under 40′ by Her World in July 2010, and one of ‘Top 100 Inspiring Women’ by CozyCot in March 2011. She has published four books: Love, Sex and Everything In-BetweenOrgasmic YogaFrom Princess to Queen and {Un}Inhibited.

Martha works with individuals and couples in private coaching sessions, and conducts her own workshops. She takes prides in making sure all her workshops are also fun, educational, and sex-positive. This comes easily to her because even though she is extremely dedicated and serious about her work, she fundamentally believes that sex is meant to be fun, wonderful, amazing and sacred. As such, this serious light-heartedness has shone through again and again. For her full profile, click here. Email her here.

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