Passionate Person: Malaysian Sexologist at Vibrance Pelvic Health Centre

Posted On: April 11, 2022

Andrea Emmanuel Koh1. Who are you?

I am Andrea Koh, Sexologist at Vibrance Pelvic Health Centre, Malaysia. I help couples to overcome their sexual issues especially vaginismus. Together with Vibrance in-house physiotherapist, we work together to guide women and their partner in their journey of overcoming vaginismus. We include physical therapy and sexual therapy in our session. By providing sexual knowledge and skills, it helps individuals to be confident and in tune with their body when trying to have sex with their partner. I am also a trainee counsellor and will be getting my counselling license by 2023 in Malaysia. Being a counsellor helped me to incorporate counselling skills into my sexology practice which is helpful to help individuals or couple who need more emotional and psychological support while trying to overcome their sexual issues.

2. Why do you do what you do?

Society has not been providing a safe space for individuals to express their sexual needs and desire. So, I want to be that person to provide them this space and help them to have a better sexual life because sex is our basic needs too. Supressing it will only make them confuse, hurt, and affected other part of their life. Seeing my clients embracing their sexuality is my greatest pleasure.

3. What do you stand for?

Sexual empowerment, sexual and mental wellbeing. Understanding that sex is a learned behaviour, and we can improve it to be better.

4. What are your future plans?

I hope to provide a one stop centre that has everything a person needs to improve their sexual life either seeing sex expert to explore their sexual needs and issues, looking for sexual tools like sex toys or having medical professionals to provide medical advice for their issues.

5. Any advice for readers?

You have the rights to be a sexual person and explore whatever you need to learn more about your body and needs. Seek professionals help if needed. You will be surprised that you are not alone in this, and they are many people out there with similar struggles in their sexual life.




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About Andrea Emmanuel Koh Andrea Koh

Sexologist | Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre, Malaysia

After getting her Master of Sexology from Curtin University Australia and fuelled by her passion in helping individuals and couples with their sexual relationships and health, Andrea joined Vibrance Pelvic Care Centre, Malaysia as a Sexologist. She is also AASECT-trained in supporting clients to overcome vaginismus. For the past 4 years, she has been co-treating women and couples across Malaysia with vaginismus issues along with in-house physiotherapists using a pioneering multi-disciplinary approach. Aside from work, Andrea has experience in educating the public about STI/HIV, safe sex, relationship and sex, and how pelvic health can improve one’s quality of life. She has also been featured in HerInspirasi and Jelita magazines on topics related to relationship and sex.

Since 2020, she has been actively providing workshops and talks related to sexual and relationship topics for the public and also health professionals. Some of the recent talks were “Sexual violence in Relationships” at Voice with Hope campaign organized by UTAR, presented “Sexual Issues After Breast Cancer” for Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia, presented “Oh Yes, No Pain” about vaginismus for Vibrance, appeared in a YouTube series Let’s Talk with Tammy discussing “Let’s Talk About Sex”, presented at A Symposium on Sexual and Psychosexual Health organized by OGSM, and recently presented “Youth’s Guide on Embracing Sex and Self” for Heriot-Watt University Love in Action event.

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