Shout out for Getaway: Singapore Gay BL Web Drama Series

Posted On: June 21, 2022

Wanted to do a shout out for Getaway – the first Singapore Gay Web drama series.

So important to create content that represents LGBTQIA [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, (questioning), intersex, asexual, and (agender)] people when the mainstream media has censored and excluded them for so long… or if they were portrayed at all, to portray in negative or condescending ways. It has been so harmful for so long and Getaway is a milestone, so exciting and positive for us all!
Am resharing their text and video below:

1. Getaway Trailer: Singapore Gay BL Drama Series

We are excited to unveil ‘Getaway’, Singapore’s first gay BL web drama series!

Based on an original story from a gay creator, ‘Getaway’ features a gay director alongside an openly queer cast from Singapore and Thailand.

Comprising 5 episodes, ‘Getaway’ is a project that took half a year to produce. We hope that ‘Getaway’ helps to raise visibility, understanding and acceptance of Singapore’s LGBTQ+ community.

2. Getaway: Episode 1 I Coming Out

3. Getaway: Episode 2 I Yas Queen

4.  Getaway: Episode 4 I Ex-Boyfriends

5. Getaway: Episode 5 I Love Yourself

6. Getaway Season 2 I Crowdfunding Video

On the eve of our 1st season finale, we’ve decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign!

Encouraged by the positive reception to ‘Getaway’ so far, Dear Straight People hopes to produce a 2nd season of ‘Getaway’ comprising 5 episodes of roughly 20 minutes each.

Help us fund a 2nd season of ‘Getaway’ by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign here.

Getaway Season 2 – Singapore Gay BL Series

On 23 May 2022, Dear Straight People premiered ‘Getaway’, Singapore’s first gay BL web drama series!

Based on an original story from a gay creator, ‘Getaway’ aimed to raise visibility, understanding and acceptance of Singapore’s LGBTQ+ community by chronicling the highs and lows of Singaporean Sam’s life after his coming out to his conservative father goes horribly wrong.

Getaway’ premiered to great success, earning hundreds of thousands of views and a barrage of positive comments. Our indie production got featured on international media outlets such as South China Morning Post and Asiaone.

Our team even scored an invite to the Google and YouTube office to speak about the importance of projects such as ‘Getaway’, which help to promote visibility, understanding and acceptance of the LGBT+ community.

Encouraged by the positive reception, Dear Straight People hopes to produce a 2nd season of ‘Getaway’ comprising 5 episodes.

What To Expect In A 2nd Season

The general reception to ‘Getaway’ is that it is hilarious, authentic and uncensored.

So expect all this and more in a 2nd season which we will do our utmost to ensure is better than the 1st season in every way possible.

While we haven’t yet started on the script, here are the storylines that we hope to explore in a 2nd season:

  • The continuation of Top and Sam’s story
  • Sam’s relationship with his dad as they both navigate the aftermath of Sam’s coming out
  • Bumping up Hirzi’s character to be one of the leads!
    • There is a lack of positive gay Malay media representation and having a Malay lead in a gay BL drama series would be such a powerful statement in itself.

But that’s not all.

Here are some other things to look forward to in a 2nd season:

  • Longer episodes of roughly 20 minutes per episode
  • Raise visibility, understanding and acceptance of Singapore’s LGBTQ+ community
  • Hirzi has tentatively agreed to co-write the 2nd season so expect an even funnier 2nd season (He won ‘Best Comedy Performance’ at the 2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards)

Why We Are Turning To Crowdfunding

Although we managed to successfully produce ‘Getaway’ through corporate sponsorships, there is a limit to how much funds can be raised via a business sponsorship model as most businesses are fearful of supporting LGBT+ projects in Singapore.

One of the biggest complaints of ‘Getaway’ is that our episodes are too short!

So we hope to raise a bigger budget through crowdfunding so that we are able to not just produce longer episodes, but tell the story that we want to tell without being limited by budget constraints.

Where Your Funds Will Go To

  • Pre-production: Storyboarding, scripting, producing
  • Production: Film crew, props, wardrobe, post-production
  • Logistics: Transport, accomodation, location permits, adminstration
  • Cast
  • Marketing

In the event that we do not hit our fundraising goal, we will need to assess what we can do with the funds that we’ve raised. This might mean shorter or fewer episodes.

A full refund will be provided if we are completely unable to proceed with the production of a 2nd season.

Be sure to head over to Dear Straight People and give your support on their Facebook group too! 🙂

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