Red Tent: Gathering of Women on New Moon

Posted On: January 27, 2020

Date(s) - 27/01/2020
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

522 Kampong Bahru Road. Harbour Suites, 13-03. Singapore 099454


Traditionally Red Tents (or sometimes known as a Moon lodge) were a space created for women to come and be at their time of menstruation. They were created by women for women and decorated with red. Now they are seen as a safe space for women to gather and experience what it is like to feel heard and cared for by other women. A place where women can take off the armour of everyday and relax into being truly themselves.

Sharing about women’s matters that other women can relate to without judgment or shame. A place to slow down and feel our deep innate wisdom bubbling up. A place to reclaim your worth and beauty. A place where it is possible to feel vulnerable and relaxed at the same time. And a place to remember the power of woman in all her faces, ages and manifestations.

For women to really flourish and live as their full self we need to move beyond competition and fear between women. To create a new story of woman that is not rooted in a patriarchal context. We need to stop isolating ourselves and trying to ‘manage alone’. We need to reach out for support because women work best collectively. Simply put – we need each other – both on a personal level as well as for the collective transformation that is happening for humanity at this time. The red tent project is designed to meet this vision.

What we will do:

❤ Circle sharing
❤ Meditation
❤ Lunar Manifestation
❤ Special presentations
❤ Celebrate life, love and sisterhood

Why the Red Tent Is Held at New Moon

The new moon is the optimal time to focus on endings & beginnings as it is the void time between the last lunar cycle ending & the new one beginning. This provides the perfect opportunity for reflecting upon what your lesson has been in the previous month as well as attuning to the astrological transits and celestial/ seasonal events approaching in the coming month, and how best to make the most of those opportunities for growth & healing of past patterns.

Date: Mon 27 January 2020

Time: 7:30 – 9:30pm. (Arrival from 7.15pm)

Investment: Pay what you can. (Recommended S$10 per lady)

Venue: 522 Kampong Bahru Road. Harbour Suites, 13-03. Singapore 099454

What to wear: There is no food provided/ sold but feel free to bring your own food + for sharing with others. You are welcomed to eat throughout the session. Please wear red if you can to help create the feeling of the Red Tent.

For enquiries, please contact Jacqui Kay 97601961.

About Jacqui Kay

Jacqui Kay, Cuddle Party Workshop Facilitator – In 2016, Jacqui undertook a training course to provide a safe space where people can ask for and receive much needed hugs and cuddles and practice touch and communication in the form of these workshops. There have been a few of these over the last few years and the events now also include a pared down Coffee and Hugs event which allows people the same as above but over a couple of hours rather than four. Jacqui is passionate about bringing the benefits of platonic touch to Singapore and making the world a more gentle and cuddlier place Website:

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