Sexy Restraints

Posted On: January 16, 2015

Date(s) - 16/01/2015
7:15 pm - 9:30 pm



Open to all

Digital Alien VisualizationWe have all read about spicing up sex in the bedroom with light tying, or blindfolding your partner with a scarf. Tying another person up does not require long lengths of rope.

Let’s crank it up a notch. There are loads of other materials one can explore. This ranges from tape, cling film, stockings, ribbons, fabric strips and scarves of silk and wool. These are fashion items or utility items which can be improvised to bind someone up for any reason. Cost varies from a few dollars upwards depending the extent of the materials purchased.

This workshop will take you through how to get the most sensation for each material, as well as the safety aspect of it. It will be best to bring your own partner along as participants will be paired to work together.

Consumable materials such as tape and cling film and ribbons will be provided. Some, stockings, silks scarves and fabric strips are available for loan. Participants are encouraged to bring their preferred choice of material.

Date: Fri 16 Jan 2015 

Time: 7:15 – 9:30p.m. 

Venue: To be announced

Fee: S$78 for One person; S$152 for Two persons

Our cut-off date for sign-ups is strictly Mon 12 Jan 2015.

Payment for One person: 

btn Free30DT orange Sensual Ropes

Payment for Two persons:

btn Free30DT orange Sensual Ropes

Please note that no refunds will be issued if you have paid and cannot make it for the workshop. Replacement allowed.

About the Trainer

hendrikaHedndrika has a unique interests in bondage started at primary school. The concept of kidnapping and robbery has always fascinated her. This coupled with her interests in scarves as a child gave rise to this unique combination. Its both about texture, colour n material. This is the bottom line to her fetish. She has since experimented n experienced stocking, tape and cling wrap. These may seem harmless daily items but playing with them safely can never be compromised.


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