Speed Reading – Double Your Reading Speed and Comprehension by Dianna Lane

Posted On: February 15, 2020

Date(s) - 15/02/2020
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

55A Pagoda Street


How would you like to quickly read 100, 200 or even 300 books this year in your spare time?

Exciting New 3-Hour Workshop with Experienced Speed-Reading Trainer Dianna Lane

Do you know that most people can read only 100 to 200 words per minute? At that rate, according to the United Nations, one is functionally illiterate!

Now YOU can easily learn the hidden secrets to Speed Reading with improved comprehension and memory.

Presenting Master Speed-Reading Trainer DIANNA LANE who has trained thousands of people to read much more quickly in some of the world’s most famous corporations, including Mercer.

Now Dianna is bringing her revolutionary Speed-Reading techniques to the general public in this special 3-Hour Workshop.

You get to:

  • Quickly and easily learn to increase (possibly even double and triple) your reading speed
  • Make quick work of reading important books, articles, and websites
  • Speedily research all the latest developments in your field
  • Be more productive, move your career forward, and get higher pay
  • Become the best-informed person you know
  • Impress friends and family with your rapidly expanding knowledge
  • Read, understand, and remember in only a few minutes what would take others hours, days, and even months

Most people don’t read very fast. They understand little of what they read. And they remember almost none of it.

No wonder so many people don’t like to read.

Dianna Lane shows you how to easily improve your reading speed. You learn how to understand far more of what you read.

Now YOU are the person in the conversation who thoroughly understands the issues, has mastered the latest news, knows the facts, figures, and concepts the Boss is struggling to understand, and can always be depended on to help friends who need answers.

Your life will become richer, more interesting, and far more successful.

You will become a life-long learner who furthers his or her education year after year.

You will always stay on top of the latest industry advancements, always be informed, and always be able to quickly come up with impressive new ideas – while others start to lag further and further behind.

Enroll in Dianna Lane’s exciting 3-Hour Workshop NOW!


  • Learn to better focus and remember what you’ve read
  • Help activate powerful areas of your brain
  • Reprogram your mind to remember details, facts, ideas, and concepts
  • Have access to powerful “Quick Recall” in any situation at home, with friends, or at work
  • And MUCH MORE!

What will be covered in your 3-Hour Workshop:

  • Measurement of your Baseline Reading Speed
  • Discovering the Top and Individual Reasons for Slow Reading
  • Uncovering Your Individual Purpose
  • Enhancing your Physical Intelligence with brain-eye and hand-eye coordination, acupressure, and Bates eye exercises
  • Training Exercises for enhancing eye speed, coordination, and peripheral vision
  • F1 Speed Reading Exercises
  • Measurement of Post-Reading Speed

This is a priceless skill, one every man and woman needs to enhance his or her education and experience.

STOP limiting yourself. START learning smart, powerful speed-reading strategies that are almost never taught in school. And POSSESS the ability to Speed Read with dramatically better understanding and memory.

Learn to SPEED READ now to easily enjoy 100, 200, even 300 books per year.

Become a speed-reading dynamo who masters and remembers information with ease.

This is the best thing you can do for your future. Do this for yourself and do this for those you love.


“A simple and effective way to improve productivity in life.” – Dr Brandon Seow

“My reading speed tripled from a painfully slow 104 to 352 words per minute! It is as if I have a new brain. I never used to have time to read beyond work. Now, I can finish my work and then deliciously enjoy my reading time for fun. ”  – Cheryl Tan Sales Manager, Fitness First

“Dianna is an awesome trainer. I got into the class only being able to read at 300 words a minute. Just after a few hours of interesting and fun games, I managed to get my speed up to 600 words! My reading speed was doubled. Dianna is really a powerful and inspirational trainer who will get your reading speed to increase in no time.” Noor Mohammed, CEO of Right to Learn Educational Services

“Dianna is in a league of her own. I have always considered myself to be an auditory learner, dreading reading books. I have never gotten past the first page of a book in the past. After her session, I am inspired and fired up to read! She has sold the idea that reading can be so much fun. She imparted jewels that doubled my reading speed in the span of a few hours. Her tools and skills are out of this world and incredibly simple to learn.

If you want to stay competitive in today’s world of lightning speed change where the half-life of information is getting shorter and shorter, speed reading is a skill that you must have and Dianna is a master to learn from.”  – Dr. Vincent Tan, Surgeon in SGH Health Coach

Attend the exciting new 3-Hour Workshop by Speed-Reading Guru Dianna Lane!

When/ Where

Date: Sat 15 Feb 2019

Time: 10a.m. to 1p.m. (Please be on time)

Venue: 55A Pagoda Street (2nd floor of shophouse)

Directions: Alight at Chinatown MRT, take Exit A, keep right after coming up escalator

Fee: S$200 per person

About Dianne Lane

Dianna Lane is an experienced Intuitive Transformation Coach who runs Transformational Sessions, Personality Profiling, Team Development, Motivational Accelerated Learning, Positive Psychology and Values Alignment Training Internationally for Top Fortune 500 multi-national corporations and schools.

With 20 years of training experience, Dianna Lane has trained over 30,000 learners in the Asia Pacific region in the areas of

  • Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
  • Accelerated Learning & Speed Reading
  • Leadership Development & Core Values Teambuilding
  • Psychological Profiling Tools & Positive Psychology
  • Overseas Leadership & Teambuilding Camps

Her qualifications include:

  • 2nd Upper Honours Degree in Human Physiology from NUS
  • Bachelor of Science Degrees in Human Physiology & Biological Sciences from NUS
  • Emergenetics Associate, DISC Behavioural Consultant,
  • Certifications: ACTA, Habitudes, Virtues Project International Trainer, The Leadership Challenge, Accelerated Learning
  • Published SAP Science Assessment Books
  • MOE Approved Registered Teacher: Financial Literacy Skills, Leadership & Teambuilding, Presentation Skills

Dianna is dedicated to helping people discover and put into action the tools, strategies, and resources that create extraordinary results and amazing levels of personal fulfillment. She has addressed audiences in Cognizant, Mercer, EDB, Unity Technologies, HBO, BAT, Roche, Exxon Mobil, Ministry of Health, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Citibank, BNP Paribas, Yokogawa, CDC, Jurong Health and more.

She has been featured in Straits Times, Channel News Asia, The New Paper, Singapore Tourism Board, Channel 5, Channel 8, Vasantham, Star Plus and Star VJ.

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