300-Year-Old Porn Collection Found

Posted On: April 12, 2010

A collection of steamy books about the sexual adventures of couples 300 years ago was found hidden in the library of a British manor house, The Sun reported Friday. The tales, published in ancient types of booklets known as Chapbooks, were printed on paper so thin hardly any other examples survived. They were found behind […]

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UK: Quarter of Over-35 Women ‘never have sex’

Posted On: February 26, 2010

A total of 28% of women said they never make love, with the figure being highest in Scotland (38%) and lowest in the Midlands (32%). Among those having sex, women without children said they had more orgasms, with 41% saying they orgasm most of the time. The figure dropped to 12% of women with one […]

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Sex Does Cause Wrist Pain

Posted On: February 9, 2010

A controversial new U.K. report suggested too much sex is responsible for wrist pain. Repetitive movements during lovemaking put extra weight on the wrists, said a top medical practitioner, which can cause carpal tunnel syndrome – one of the most common types of wrist problem in Britain. “Sexual intercourse can explain the increase in the […]

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News: Sex and Facebook

Posted On: December 25, 2009

US Facebook Sex-scam Man Guilty A US teenager, Anthony Stancl, 19, from Wisconsin, who blackmailed fellow students at his secondary school into having sex after using their Facebook images has been convicted. Prosecutors said he tricked boys into sending naked images of themselves, and then blackmailed the boys for sex. Stancl faces up to 50 […]

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Bed sharing ‘bad for your health’

Posted On: September 26, 2009

One study found that, on average, couples suffered 50% more sleep disturbances if they shared a bed. Sleep specialist Dr Neil Stanley told the British Science Festival how bed sharing can cause rows over snoring and duvet-hogging and robs precious sleep. As such, couples should consider sleeping apart for the good of their health and […]

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