News: Sex and Facebook

Posted On: December 25, 2009

US Facebook Sex-scam Man Guilty
A US teenager, Anthony Stancl, 19, from Wisconsin, who blackmailed fellow students at his secondary school into having sex after using their Facebook images has been convicted. Prosecutors said he tricked boys into sending naked images of themselves, and then blackmailed the boys for sex. Stancl faces up to 50 years in jail.

UK Parents Trapped Facebook Paedophile
A paedophile who targeted an 11-year-old on Facebook and was caught when the girl’s parents posed as her online was beginning a jail sentence today. Thomas Gibbs was snared after the couple logged on as their daughter and discovered he was grooming her for sex. The 52-year-old has been handed a 16-month prison term by a judge at Oxford Crown Court.

More than 3,500 Sex fiends Booted off Facebook, MySpace
In a major crackdown on Internet predators, more than 3,500 convicted New York sex fiends have been booted from two online social networking sites – Facebook and MySpace. This is the first sweep of registered sex offenders under the Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act (e-STOP), a 2008 law Attorney General Andrew Cuomo aggressively pushed.

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