What Does it Mean to be Sex Positive?

Posted On: August 9, 2009

Sex positive is an adjective often used to describe people who are comfortable with their own sexuality and sexuality in general.

To me, being sex positive is more than that:
• Believes in a positive sexual relationship
• Acknowledges that sex can be fun and pleasurable
• Accept your right to be or not to be sexual
• Respects your values and beliefs
• Supports you in creating a optimally healthy sexual life
• Honouring your process of becoming familiar and comfortable with your unique sexuality so you can make the decisions to have a healthy and happy sexual life

Being sex positive is not about having unfulfilling, displeasurable, guilt-ridden and downright bad sex. Being sex positive is being sex affirmative.

Comprehensive sex education should not be only about STIs (sexual transmitted infections), contraceptives (safer sex) and reproduction (making babies). There is more to sex. If sex ed were more sex-positive, I would imagine we could vastly reduce the need for repairs and revisions.

If you are considering seeing a sex coach/ counsellor/ therapist, do run through the above checklist to make sure he or she understands what being sex positive means.

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