Who should you ask? What is the right question?

Posted On: September 30, 2009

As a sexologist, I read widely from academic journals, periodicals, internet articles, sex columns in magazines, etc. in search of the new, the interesting, and sometimes the downright bizarre.

Again and again, these issues come up: ‘Is there anybody who can help me?’ ‘Am I normal?’ ‘What should I do?’ Whilst there are no stupid questions, the answer may be worthless or wrong depending on whom you ask and the kind of questions you ask.

The answer you get from
• a self-identified ‘sexpert’ vs.
• an academic researcher vs.
• an anthropologist vs.
• a medical doctor vs.
• a psychologist vs.
• a trained Clinical Sexologist
will all be dramatically different.

Who you should refer to also depends on WHAT, exactly, your question or concern is and what you hope to get out of the answer or information.

A sexologist is somebody who is trained and familiar with sex and sexuality. This training includes the whole spectrum of sexual behaviors and sexual concerns, as well as sexual orientation.

When you engage a sexologist to support you in your sexual growth, you should ask yourself whether this person is the RIGHT sexologist for you.

You are investing your resources, including time and money. Be smart about it. And good luck!

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