Martha’s Self Portrait from ‘Tuesday Draw’ Week 1

Posted On: November 26, 2009

‘Tuesday Draw’ is a four-part workshop where we acknowledge and celebrate our bodies.

Week one (Tues 17 Nov) of four was to draw a full-body self portrait. Mine is below:

I tried my best to do a realistic self portrait by looking into a body-length mirror sitting down. I had intentionally drawn my mouth bigger than usual because I was so happy that I was surrounded by these amazing participants, many of whom were also my friends, and wanted to convey a wide beaming smile. I tried to emphasize my growing tummy by putting more blue there. The awkwardness of the hands and legs were not intentional but more due to my artistic inadequacy.

For more about the next Tuesday Draw, visit here. If you are unable to make it, you may wish to email to register your interest for future ‘Tuesday Draw’.

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