Martha’s Fav Body Part from ‘Tuesday Draw’ Week 3

Posted On: December 15, 2009

Inspired by my brave participants in the workshop ‘Tuesday Draw’, I did a drawing of my favourite body part outside of our session – my lips/ smile.

I drew my lips or smile, with and without teeth because I liked it, and have been complimented many times through my life for my nice teeth and smile. Most times the way we feel about our bodies has a lot to do with the feedback we have received from others about it. I probably won’t have realised I had a nice smile or good teeth if others hadn’t told me about it.

More than ever now, I am thankful for the smile I have because it bridges barriers and aids in communication especially in my work. I know I could do with smiling more!

What is your favouite body part? Does it have to do with what others think or say about it? Or do you like it in spite of what others might think/ say?

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