Your Wife is not like Your Mother

Posted On: December 24, 2009

This is a strong-worded forum letter which first appeared in The Star, Malaysia:

“I REFER to “We reap what we sow in a marriage” (The Star, 7 Dec 2009). If men have “carnal needs”, so do women. The only difference is that women are naturally more shy and considerate in asking for sex.

I am sorry to say that many men have failed to grow up and expect to be served by their wives as they were served by their mothers.

But your wife is not like your mother, because you never expect your mother to give you sex.

Men need to understand that good sex must be worked at, and they must make half the effort if not more.


It is very true that it takes two to make any relationship work. My approach to focus on helping all people who want to get more in touch with who they are and with how they are in relationship with others. We all have areas to grow in.

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