Malaysia: Cosplay is Popular

Posted On: January 8, 2010

Cosplay is a hobby that allows you to transcend the world of reality to that of fantasy. In short, you dress up as a character, but it’s not just that. You will have to ‘become’ the character and mimic the character’s personality, gestures and even speaking mannerisms! It’s like a grown-up game of dress-up and pretend.

Blue hair was all the rage at Malaysia’s Comic Fiesta. So were dresses — which wouldn’t be so strange if you were a girl, or a guy who appreciates girls in dresses. But when you have guys IN dresses… now that’s a sight to behold. And in blue wigs, no less.

For cosplayers, though, they are also doing this for the benefit of their audience who are usually more than a little excited to meet their favourite anime characters in ‘real’ life. The event was held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, and was one of the most successful ones to date, with attendance exceeding 6,000.

Kudos to the organisers for staging a great event. It was very satisfying to see the uninitiated (read: people who are new to cosplay) make double takes whenever they ran into a Hatsune Miku whose gender seemed a bit ‘ambiguous’. And for all you know, said Hatsune Miku was probably secretly laughing his butt off inside.

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