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Posted On: January 1, 2010

SKYBLUZ, is a new online love magazine conceived to give singles in Singapore a platform to learn the dating game and expand their social network.

I was asked these questions:

1. What exactly does a clinical sexologist like you do?
2. Who are your typical clients (Their age & professions)?
3. Who actually needs sex coaching?
4. When a couple comes to you for sex coaching, what should they be expecting?
5. Do you coach lesbian-couples or gay-couples? Why or Why not?
6. Where and how are your sex coaching conducted? Do your clients have to bare any of their private parts while being coached?
7. At the end of the entire coaching package, what tangible results could your clients expect?
8. Where do you receive your training and how many years have you been practicing it?
9. Have you sex-coached any local celebrities? If yes, how many? (You don’t have to name who)
10. What made you choose this profession? And what is the best thing about your job?

For the answers, click here.


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